CRM Interface | Overview

When running a dynamic campaign, you can remotely add CRM records through our web interface API by submitting an HTTP POST or GET (these docs use the GET method) to the Voicent Gateway. Once added, they can be interacted with within a dynamic campaign.

  1. Overview
  2. Add or Update an Entity
  3. Set and Get a Value
  4. Schedule Follow ups or Callbacks
  5. Add a Notification
  6. Name & Value Pairs

If you have a dynamic campaign configured to call "New Leads" then you can actively submit new CRM records with the "New Leads" category to actively be called. Once that record has been called, your call disposition rule may change it to "Answering Machine", "Bad Number", "Busy" , or "Not Interested" which will cause it to not be called again. You can configure other dynamic campaigns to call other categories/dispositions.

Target Voicent Gateway Server: http://localhost:8155/vxcrm.jsp

Replace localhost with the applicable IP address if submitting from another computer other than the server machine directly. Additionally, if you changed the default port from 8155 please change as necessary.

Please Note: Our software does not sanitize parameters. You need to do this on your end.