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Voicent's social media promotional program offers a free, fully licensed version of email marketing software for anyone who tries the product and then likes it enough to recommend it on social media websites.

How can I get this commercial software for free?

It's easy. All that's required is that you click the 'Like', 'Recommend', and 'g+' buttons below. (Feel free to add a message, but it's not required).

We will then send you your product license key, for free. That's a $499 value!

Sound good? Great! Just click one of the download links below to get started.

email marketing software

Broadcast By Email

Full Version $499

You can get it for FREE!

After trying BroadcastByEmail, if you like it, return to this page and finish the simple steps listed below.

We'll do the rest. If you have any question regarding this promotion or the status of license key, please feel free to contact us on Voicent's Facebook Wall.

Step 1. Like Us On Social Networks

If you don't have accounts on these social networks, you can create them before requesting your free license key. It should not take that long to create any of these accounts.

Click the Like button and post your comments on Voicent's Facebook wall. If you prefer, feel free to include a link your business.


Click the 'g+' button to recommend Voicent on Google


Click the Recommend button and post your recommendation on your LinkedIn network (Optional if you do not have LinkedIn account)


Step 2. Follow The Link To Get Your Free License Key

Thank you so much for liking Voicent and recommending us to your friends. We really appreciate it.


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