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Find me / follow me is a very useful feature to locate user. This technology allows users to be reached at numerous devices, such as mobile, home telephone, office telephone or softphone anywhere in the world. These two call forwarding services that are usually in conjunction with each other works as allowing your extension to ring initially (i.e. phone) but if unanswered, will ring your mobile device. If you are busy or cannot answer on your mobile, the caller returns to your company's voicemail where they can leave a message or zero out to the operator. Simply find me service allows user to receive calls at any location while follow me allows users to be reached at any location.

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On premise software connects directly to your agents & phone service, no need to go across the country to a hosted vendors network. Quick start guides and tutorials allow you to get started in no time. Installation and training services can purchased to expedite it even more. Pay once and own it for life has the highest ROI(Return on investment) over any other hosted platform, and our flexible pricing plans allow you to pay over 6 months to a year. Don't feel comfortable with a hosted vendors security system, and getting all of your data leaked? Take security in your own arms and control it all. Voicent's products can be customized to meet your exact needs. We offer built-in integration features that will allow you to keep what you need.

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