Getting Started with Voicent's Platform

Voicent's Developer Network is an integrated set of technologies that provide everything you need to create or enable your applications with interactive voice, text message, and email capabilities.

The Voicent Platform is a complex and complete system, the platform provides incredibly simple and powerful APIs and GUI tools for fast application development. These API's are based on open standards, such as W3C's HTTP, SMTP, and VoiceXML protocol, so you should be able to get started right away, using familiar technologies and your favorite programming languages.

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Platform API's

Voicent's platform provides application programming interfaces (API's) to our applications and of course the Voicent Gateway. Listed below are our platform API's.

Gateway Interface (Simple)

Voicent's developer platform is open and standards-based, so you can develop your code in your favorite programming language, whether it's Java, C#, C++, C, PHP, Python, Perl, VB, etc.

CRM Interface

Learn how to integrate Voicent's CRM within your system. You'll obtain knowledge on how to add /update entries, schedule follow ups or callbacks, and add notifications.

Campaign Interface

Learn how to manage Voicent's Campaigns. You'll learn how to import file, upload audio, run campaign, and check status.

Application Interface

Voicent's software has many common features required by a wide variety of applications. You can save a lot of time and money by leveraging what is already available in these applications.

Gateway GUI Interface

Utilize Voicent's IVR Studio to create an interactive application, using the extended Simple Call Interface to trigger a phone call to interact using the VoiceXML interface.

Gateway Interface (Advanced)

Developed on a common platform, Voicent is composed of its gateway, its API, its GUI simulation, and design tool. This platform, based on the HTTP/web protocols, enables you to develop your own interactive phone and text applications.


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