Interactive Voice Response

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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, collects information and directs calls to the appropriate recipient. An IVR system (IVRS) consents a combination of touch-tone keypad selection and voice telephone input and responsible for appropriate responses in the form of various media such as, voice, fax, call-back and e-mail. An IVR system comprises of telephony equipment, software applications, a database and a supporting infrastructure. Nowadays, common IVR applications include: Bank and stock account balances and transfers Surveys and polls Office call routing Call center forwarding Simple order entry transactions Selective information lookup (movie schedules, etc.) The user's interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to, so IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone. For example, in order for customers to receive up-to-date account information instantly and easily without having to speak directly to a person, banks and credit card companies use IVR systems. IVR technology is also used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys in which the user is prompted to answer questions by pushing the numbers on a touch-tone telephone.

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