VXCRM.jsp Explained

You can interact with Voicent CRM using HTTP POST. This is a useful feature. For example, a call or email can be automatically triggered after a customer fills in a web contact us form.

The following is the CRM update URL:
http://(gateway host name or ip address):8155/vxcrm.jsp

The required parameters are:
action: add, set, get, addcallback
passwd: this is the CRM web password defined on Voicent Gateway
user: this is the customer ID if you are using Voicent hosted service, or 0

Now we will explain the 4 possible action parameters:

  • Add: This is used to add a CRM entry. We can do more than just adding an entry with this action. There is an optional parameter called merge that you can use with add. This lets you merge the new data with an existing CRM record. You would use this option by doing /vxcrm.jsp&action=add&merge=yes|no| or by not specifying this option.

    If you set merge=yes, then we will always use the new data to replace your existing data in your CRM record. If you set the merge option to no, then we will not merge. If you do not specify this parameter, then we will only update the values that were empty in the CRM entry. The merge option by default uses the phone number to check which entry to merge with. You can change this by using the parameter mergebyemail=1, which will merge your new data with an existing CRM record that has the same email address.

  • Set: This is used to update certain fields of a CRM entry. We do this in our example in the previous page to update the customer's category to "Lead".

  • Get: This is used to get the information from a CRM entry.

  • Addcallback: This allows us to schedule a callback for an agent to contact a certain CRM entry (customer). The parameters that you would use with this action is agent, cusid, millis, phone, ext. The agent parameter is to specify which agent you would like to make the call. The cusid is the customer ID in the CRM. The phone and ext are for the phone number and extension. The millis is used to define when you would like to schedule the phone call. This is defined as milliseconds since epoch time. An example of this is here.

The rest of the parameters corresponds to the fields in Voicent CRM for customer table. They are:
first_name, middle_name, last_name, home_phone, work_phone, work_phone_ext, cell_phone, other_phone, email, email2, fax, business, job_title, customer_catid, do_not_call, do_not_email

For custom fields, use cf_1, cf_2, ..., cf_20

It is also possible to use the display name of the custom field. What you must do is to replace the space with underscore in the display name. For example, if you set the first custom field (cf_1) to "Age Group", the you can set the parameter name as Age_Group.

For customer category, you can also use the display name. For example, instead of setting customer_catid to 3, you can use customer_catname to "Priority Customer".

For address, use the following:
home_street, home_city, home_state, home_zipcode, home_country, work_street, work_city, work_state, work_zipcode, work_country.