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Call IVR

Synopsis - callIvr

callIvr(phoneno, appname, selfdelete, callerid, detection)

Description - callIvr


Make a phone call to the specified number and use the IVR application to interact and control the phone call.

phoneno The phone number to call.
appname The name of the deployed IVR application.
selfdelete Ask the gateway to automatically delete the call request after the call is made if it is set to '1';
callerid The 11 digit caller ID number.
detection The amount of detection for our system to recognize human answer. 0= balanced, 1= more aggressive, 2= most aggressive, 3= detection off.
reqId The return value is the call request ID.

Example - callIvr

                        reqId = callIvr("123-4567", "reminderApp", "0", "12345678911", "1");

Call Status Responses

Synopsis - callStatus

callStatus(reqId, responses)

Description - callStatus


Check the call status of the call with reqId. If the call is made, the return value is 'Call Made', or if the call is failed, the return value is 'Call Failed', or if the call will retry, the return value is "Call Will Retry", and for any other status, the return value is " " (empty string).

reqId The reqId.
responses Reference to an array and is used to collect responses.

Example - callStatus

                        status = callStatus("1234035434", responses)

Source Code

                        import urllib
                        import time

                        class Voicent:

                        def callIvr(self, phoneno, appname, selfdelete):
                        urlstr = "/ocall/callreqHandler.jsp"

                        param = {'info' : 'simple text call',
                        'phoneno' : phoneno,
                        'firstocc' : 10,
                        'startapp' : appname,
                        'selfdelete' : selfdelete}

                        rcstr = self.postToGateway(urlstr, param)
                        return self.getReqId(rcstr)

                        def callStatus(self, reqId, responses):
                        urlstr = "/ocall/callstatusHandler.jsp"
                        param = {'reqid' : reqId}
                        rcstr = self.postToGateway(urlstr, param)

                        // the responses is the 9th field
                        // the status is the 3rd field