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8.1 Update IVR Call Flow Diagram

First we need to update the IVR call flow diagram to reflect the additional step 6 and 7. The Message OK element is to be changed from a prompt element to a choice element. Follow these steps to change the call flow diagram to the one shown below.

  1. Select Message OK element, click the Delete key to delete the element.
  2. Select Listen to Message element, click the choice element on the toolbar, enter name as Select Call List, and touch tone key as 1.
  3. Select the newly created element, click the Move Up button on the toolbar.
  4. Select Select Call List element, click the prompt icon on the toolbar, and add element Start Broadcast

The Select Call List Element

The Select Call List element is used to upload the recorded audio file, the same way as defined for Message OK element. The Start Broadcast element is used to launch BroadcastByPhone program.

  1. Select Select Call List element, click the properties button on the program toolbar, select the Action tab. Add the HTTP action as in the previous section


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