Simple Gateway API Documentation | Overview

Well, it's as simple as calling a function!

call_text("650-1234567", "Thank you for your order John!")

The single line of code above, added to your software, triggers an order-confirmation phone call to a customer. The text entered will automatically be converted to speech using our text-to-speech engine.

Since Voicent's development platform is open and standards-based, you can develop your code in your favorite programming language, whether it is Java, C#, C++, C, PHP, Python, Perl, VB, etc.

  1. The Simple Interface
  2. Open Source

The Simple Interface

The Simple Call Interface is used to make an outbound call that just plays an audio file or text. For voice call, the text will be automatically converted to audio by our text-to-speech engine.

Open Source

The simple call interface shown above is open source, so you can change it anyway you see fit.

The basic idea here is to send a call request to the gateway outbound call scheduler using HTTP. The above listed interfaces all do the same thing, except with the use of a programming language specific HTTP client library.