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4.1 Create a Run Program Action

The run program action is used to invoke an external program of an IVR application. In this sample, this action is invoked after the voice message is successfully recorded. In the call flow diagram, the active element for this stage is the element labeled Message OK.

Select Message OK element, click the properties icon on the toolbar, then choose the Action tab. Click the New button. From the Choose Action Type window, select Run Program radio button. Enter the following information:

Enter the file path to BroadcastByPhone program. The program is normally installed under the folder:

C:\Program Files\Voicent\BroadcastByPhone\bin

Click the Add button to add program arguments. The first argument is the call list file. In this step, we use a hard coded file name. (So in order for this sample to work, you must use BroadcastByPhone to create a call list and save it as mylist.voc under the folder C:\Call List.) Part II of this tutorial will eliminate this restriction.

'"C:\Call List\mylist.voc"'

The second argument is:

'-startnow -cleanstatus'

Pass Arguments to the Program

Arguments are concatenated and passed to the program. In this example, the program will be invoked as:

C:\Program Files\Voicent\BroadcastByPhone\bin\vcast.exe "C:\Call List\mylist.voc" -startnow -cleanstatus

Please note that strings enclosed by single quotes are literal strings. The single quote is not part of the argument.


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