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Lesson 4. Run External Program

The last step of the basic sample is listed here.

  1. Start Voicent BroadcastByPhone with the recorded message and a fixed call list file

In this lesson shows how to invoke an external program from IVR Studio.

Video: Run External Program From IVR Application

BroadcastByPhone Command Line

BroadcastByPhone program can be invoked from the command line. For more information, please see BroadcastByPhone Command Line Interface.

    vcast.exe <call list file>
             [-confirmcode <code>]
             [-wavfile <wave file name>]
             [-numbers <call list>]
             [-import <import csv file>]


  -startnow: starts a broadcast immediately
  -wavfile : specify the wave file path name
  -confirmcode: call-till-confirm code
  -numbers: import a list of phone numbers
  -import: import a CSV file
  -cleanstatus: clean status column before broadcast


    vcast.exe "C:\mygroup\list.voc" -startnow -cleanstatus -wavfile "C:\mygroup\hello.wav"

Invoke BroadcastByPhone with call list C:\mygroup\list.voc and start broadcasting using wave file C:\mygroup\hello.wav

This lesson covers the following topics:


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