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1.3 Check Correct Password

Once a password is entered, the system needs to check the correctness of the password. In this sample, we'll assume the correct password is "123". You can certainly develop more secure mechanisms to check the password, such as comparing password stored in a database or file.

In this step, we'll just inform the caller that the password is correct, and then hang up the phone. In later sections, we'll change the handling when a password is correct.

We'll create two child elements to handle the password: one for correct password, and the other for incorrect password.

Create a prompt element

A prompt element, as the name indicates, simply plays the prompts defined in the element and then transition to the next element (its child element).

Right click on the Get Password element, select Add Next Element, then select Prompt. Enter the information as indicated below, then click the Next button.

From the Prompt page, click the New button to add a prompt item. Choose the Text-to-speech radio button, then enter the text like: "Your password is correct".

Transition from Parent Element

The transition from Parent Element box defines the condition the element is to be activated. In this example, if the touch tone key entered (collected by the parent element Get Password) is "123", this element is activated.


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