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1.6 Deploy Application

The IVR application defined so far, though simple, is a complete application that can be deployed and tested.

Validate Application

Click the Validate button on the program toolbar. You have to validate the design and fix all errors before an application can be deployed.

Deploy Application

Once validated, the deploy/submit button ivr deployment, ivr hosting, hosted ivr is enabled on the toolbar. This is the same icon used for Voicent Gateway. Click the button to deploy the application to Voicent Gateway. Enter the application name as my_broadcast, and click the OK button.

Restart Voicent Gateway

Now re-start Voicent Gateway to have the new application take effect. To restart, click the gateway icon from the Windows toolbar notification area, press the Stop button and then press the same button (now labeled Start) again.

You can check all deployed application from the Application main menu of Voicent Gateway. If you have multiple inbound application installed, please make sure the my_broadcast application is your default application to answer incoming calls. For more details, please see: IVR Manage Applications.

*** Please make sure that answering incoming call is enabled. (Voicent Gateway > Setup > Options > Inbound)


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