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5.2 Create a Column Variable

Design an IVR application for outbound calls are similar to design for inbound calls using IVR Studio. However, when designing for Voicent BroadcastByPhone autodialer, IVR Studio can take advantage of the BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet data - columns be used just as variables.

Column variables must first be defined in the top (BBP Outbound Call) element properties. The properties of the top element has a tab labeled BroadcastByPhone Column. This column tab is not available for inbound IVR applications.

Click the New button to define a new column. If the column is not yet defined in the BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet, it will be added once the IVR application is selected as the broadcast message.

Special Columns

The Name and Phone columns are special. They do not have to be defined here in order to be use. They are referred as __VG__CALLED_NAME__, and __VG__CALLED_NUMBER__. Both of them are system variables.


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