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Advantages of Voicent's

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  autodialers phone dialer systems automatic dialer automatic dialers

  • One time purchase, use forever
  • No monthly fee, no contract
  • Instant Download
  • Works on any PC
  • Works with VOIP, PBX, phone line
  • Easy to use
  • You can try it before you buy it
  •   autodialers phone dialer systems automatic dialer automatic dialers

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 autodialers phone dialer systems automatic dialer automatic dialers

What is an Auto Dialer?

An autodialer can automatically dial a list of phone numbers. Sometime it is called robo dialer.

What is a Smart Auto Dialer?

Smart autodialers can automatically dial a list of phone numbers and either play a pre-recorded message or have a computer-generated voice read your message aloud. It can also interact with recipients, allowing them to press a keypad number to confirm the call, leave you a voice message, or even request that the call be transferred to a live person.

How is Voicent's Smart Auto Dialer different?

Voicent's autod dialer enables you to execute large volumes of phone messages with the ability to collect individual responses. Because it is software-based, it is affordable and easy to use. It requires no hardware besides your PC and takes only about 10 minutes to download and setup.

What is touch-tone response capability?

Voicent auto dialer can collect touch-tone responses, such as 'press 0 to speak with an agent,' or, 'press 1 to to receive more information,' etc.

How do you personalize messages?

Voicent autodialer software contains a Message Designer for message personalization. For example, with Text to Speech, the autodialer can play "Hi Bob, ..." for Bob and "Hi Mary, ..." for Mary, making your call more personal and more effective.


Incredibly affordable, flexible and easy-to-use, Voicent's BroadcastByPhone is an auto-dialer that uses your computer to deliver personal calls or leave answering machine messages in your own voice or a computer-generated voice.

BroadcastByPhone's affordability stems from the fact that you buy it once and own it for life. There are no additional monthly or per-call fees to pay.

Its features include live-call transfer, automated messages, touch-tone opt-out options and an easy-to-use, Excel-like interface.

Press 1 Personal Touch
Our auto dialer allows you to easily broadcast a message with a "Press 1" to transfer, leave a message, or confirm. Built-in Text-to-speech allows you to personalize the broadcasts you send them by greeting them by their name.
CSV Import Enabled Integrated CRM's
Within seconds, import your CSV file and get a call list started. Managing all your data can be tough, which is why we offer a fully integrated Voicent CRM, with support for Salesforce, ZohoCRM, and SugarCRM that offers you a "Complete Package".

How does it work?

This Windows-based software uses VOIP technology to make calls through your computer. The calls are delivered either through a VOIP channel, such as SIP or Skype, or through your regular phone lines.

BroadcastByPhone offers an incredibly rich set of features. It is ideal for the communication needs of businesses, faith communities, NGO/nonprofits, political campaigns, schools, or government offices.

To start a broadcast:

Create or import a call list, just as you would create a simple spreadsheet file.

Record a voice message using your computer or telephone, or type in your message and let a computer-generated voice read it aloud for you.

Click to broadcast the message now, or use the built-in calendar to choose the date and time you want the messages sent. That's it!

This auto dialer software is great for

Marketing campaigns

Service pickup or delivery notifications

Phone-trees for schools, libraries, faith communities, clubs, organizations or government offices

Telephone notification of events or sales promotions

Lead generation

Telephone surveys

Debt reminders or notices

Political campaigning

Emergency alert and escalation processes (call until confirm)

Repetitive robo-calls to the same phone numbers

Key Features Of This Auto Dialer Software

Automated dialing with a single click

Incredible scalability--can dial thousands of simultaneous calls from a single, ordinary computer

Live call transfer to any phone (yep, that's right. If your message recipients want to speak to someone right away, they can press a number and get transferred to a live operator or leave a message for you.)

Interactive touch tone response (press 1, press 2, ...) or even voice-activated command and response capabilities

Voice message recording by phone, by computer or by studio

Computer-generated voice (optional); Save/restore call list, import or copy-paste call list

Detects human pick up, answering machine, busy, no answer, disconnected line

Automatic retry for busy line or no answer

Built in calendar for advanced call scheduling

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring calls

Call until confirm (for emergency alert escalation)

Automatically schedule call for next day if calls are not finished

Multilingual Text-to-Speech (optional) for customizing each phone call

Check Federal Do Not Call List

Message Designer for auto dialing message personalization (with TTS)

What do I need to use BroadcastByPhone?

A desktop or laptop computer with Windows Windows 8/7/XP, Server 2000-2012 operating system.

A phone service: could be a VOIP/internet phone service, a PBX system with SIP extensions, or a traditional analog phone line (requires voice modem)

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It's absolutely free to download and try Voicent's BroadcastByPhone auto dialer software. You don't need a credit card or even to supply an email address to try it.

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