Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer

Incredibly affordable, flexible and easy-to-use Voice Broadcaster, Voicent Auto Dialer allows you to deliver personal messages and leave answering machine messages in your own voice or a computer-generated voice. Its features include live-call transfer, automated messages, touch-tone opt-out options and an easy-to-use, Excel-like interface.

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Make millions of calls at lightning speed

Unlimited Calls

Voicent Auto Dialer gives you the ability to make calls without any restrictions. In fact, it can generate any phone number with any specified area codes.

Incredible Scalability

Dial thousands of simultaneous calls from a single computer. In other words, if you have a thousand lines, you can make a thousand calls at the same time instead of one at a time.

Automatic Retries and Scheduling

Calls that get a busy line or no answer can be automatically retried after a short period of time or the next day. If campaigns are not finished, they can be resumed instantly the next day.

Built-in Calendar

On the calendar, you can specify no-call hours. You can also schedule calls in advance and set up daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring calls.

Press 1 Campaigns

If your call recipients want to speak to someone right away, they can press a number to be transferred to a live agent instantly.

Smart Detection

Voicent Auto Dialer detects human pick up, answering machine, busy, no answer, and disconnected lines. It can play different messages for answering machines and live human pickup.

Customizable Keypad Options

Your recipients can press different buttons on their phone keypad to transfer, confirm, opt-out, replay, or leave a message.

Call Until Confirm

The dialer will call your recipients until one of them confirms with their keypad or a voice command. Also called Emergency Alert Escalation.

Personalize Your Messages

text to speech personalization

Built-in Message Designer

With Text-to-Speech, you can personalize your messages by greeting contacts by their name or other personal information. You can also record messages to send out in your own voice.

Multilingual Text-to-Speech

Want to send messages in German, Spanish, or any other language? You can, with our TTS adaptor that works with any 8 kH telephony speech engine.

Record Interactions

Information about your contact and whether the response was a machine answer, live answer, or something else is automatically saved.

Personalize Messages

You can record audio files in your own voice or use Text-to-Speech to say the person's name when greeting them.

Easy as 123

1. Create or Import Contacts

2. Create Message or Record Audio

3. Run Your Campaign


"I had it up and running within 20 minutes. Within the first three hours of operation it was bringing in valuable sales leads. The 4 lines work as well as four people sitting in my office working all day."

Corey Held, Duke Investment Partner | Uses it for: Lead Generation and Marketing

"We make over a million calls a month using Voicent's Auto Dialing system. In order to make those calls as efficiently as possible, we needed a software solution to distinguish between live calls and calls that no one picks up. Voicent provided great support by analyzing calls and by using their Auto Dialer software in conjunction with their Call Center Manager software they were able to solve our problems very quickly. Additionally, Voicent developers customized the CRM software to suit our specific needs. What we liked about their CRM is that it fully and automatically integrates with their Auto Dialer software. They also designed some IVR applications to work with our system. Whenever we ran into an issue Voicent provided very fast emergency support and quickly resolved the issues we had. I highly recommend Voicent for their great support. They worked with us as long as we needed them to and provided the customized solutions we needed."

SPI GLOBAL (Philipine Call Center), IT Project Manager, Erlyn Lim Delos Santos | Uses it for: Lead Generation

"Much more flexible than any other similar systems on the market. The individuals in Customer Service give that personal touch and strive to assist in any issues arising from installation and start-up."

Rev. Wade Holbrook, Northport Baptist Church | Uses it for: Church/Faith Organizations

"Though I was a much less funded candidate, Voicent technology allowed me to 'run with the big boys' in my Congressional campaign. With it, I was able to touch tens of thousands of voters at a mere fraction of the cost of mailing information to them. Broadcast By Phone was a great tool in my Congressional Campaign. Not only was I able to call tens of thousands of voters at a fraction of the cost offered me by hosted calling vendors, but I was able to finely split the database into specific regions of the District and then send custom messages tailored to the local issues. I only regret I didn't use this great software sooner in the campaign!"

Ken Arnold, US Congress 8th District | Uses it for: Political Campaigns

"I have been working with different dialer systems over the past 10 years. I would have to say that Voicent by far is the best dialer system I have ever experienced, and one of the most powerful software systems I have ever seen. The press one campaigns work! I have different campaigns that allow me to record my voice and give the client motivating pitches that motivate them to press one and in return, turns into a sale. Over that past two weeks I have had 3 transfers that all turned into deals."

Richard Baumgardt | Uses it for: Lead Generation and Marketing