Auto Dialer

Voicent Auto Dialer software delivers voice messages to any phone. It is great for voice broadcasts, phone trees, event notifications, political campaigns, lead generation, service reminders and much more.

Why use Voicent Auto Dialer?

Our awarding winning Auto Dialer is easy to use, affordable, reliable, robust and scalable. It has all the bells & whistles you need.

How does it work?

Own It Download the software to your PC. It makes calls using your own phone service. Buy it once, own it for life.

Hosted No software or phone service needed. Just log in to your Voicent account, upload a call list and audio files. We will make calls for you.

Top 3 Features

Get Your Message Out Fast

Make unlimited calls with your computer to an unlimited number of contacts. Scale up to make hundreds of simultaneous calls.

Press 1 Campaigns

The recipients can press a button on their keypad to transfer to a live agent instantly. Great for lead generation and marketing.

Personalize Messages

With Message Designer, you can upload multiple audio files or create text-to-speech messages that greet recipients by name, or say any personal information.

More Features Without More Fees

Unlimited Calls

The ability to make unlimited calls. Plus, it can generate unlimited phone lists as you wish.

Incredible Scalability

Dial thousands of simultaneous calls at lightning speed.

Automatic Retries and Scheduling

A busy line or no answer can be automatically retried. If call lists are not finished, they can be resumed automatically the next day.

Built-in Calendar

On the calendar, you can specify no-call hours and schedule calls in advance and set up daily, weekly, monthly recurring calls.

Press 1 Campaigns

If the recipients want to speak to a live agent, they can press a number to be transferred instantly.

Smart Detection

Accurately detects human pick up, voice mail, a busy line, no answer, and disconnected lines. Plays different messages for answering machines and live human pickup.

Customizable Keypad Options

Your recipients can press different buttons on their phone keypad to transfer, confirm, opt-out, replay, or leave a message.

Call Until Confirm

The dialer will call your recipients until one of them confirms with a keypad. Mostly used for emergency call escalation.

Built-in Message Designer

You can create voice messages like an artist. Edit multiple audio files, insert Text to Speech and compose customized messages the anyway you like.

Multilingual Text-to-Speech

Our TTS Plug-in works with any 8kH telephony speech engine. It can send computer generated messages in Spanish, Russian, Italian etc.

Record Interactions

Call responses such as live pick up, voice mail, busy line, or disconnect are automatically saved.

Personalize Messages

You can record audio files in your own voice, Text-to-Speech, or both.

Who Uses Voicent? 10,000+ customers worldwide