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Auto Dialer FAQ : Most Common

An auto dialer allows you to pre-record a message and broadcast it to a list of phone numbers, allowing the recipient to interact with the phone call by pressing touch tone keys.
Everyone and anyone who wants to contact people for lead generation, marketing, sales promos, events notifications, political campaigns, and more. Voicent Auto dialer users include US Congressmen, banks, fishermen, city government, UPS delivery services, mortgage brokers, insurance salesmen, large corporations, Universities, high school teachers and PTAs, churches, and more.
This depends on how many simultaneous calls (channels) you have and how long your message is. For a typical 30-second message, on average, you would be making 1 call per minute, and 60 calls per hour on a single line/channel. The processes of making calls are similar to a human making phone calls. It first dials the number and waits for the other end to pick up the phone. If it is answered by an answering machine, the system listens for the whole message and waits for the beep. It then plays your message.
A press-1 campaign refers to a call message that asks the recipient to press to talk to an agent. The nice thing about a press-1 campaign is that your agents only need to talk to people who are interested. A press-1 campaign can also include pressing a different to opt-out.

The main difference is how a call is connected to an agent. For auto dialer, the recipient must press a key in order to connect to an agent; while for predictive dialing, the call connect is automatic for live answered call. This difference makes the usage model quite different from the two dialers.

Predictive dialer requires agents sit in front of their computers. If a call is answered by a live human, the system will show a pop up window on an agent's computer. The agent should answer the call promptly, otherwise the recipient is likely to hangup the phone.

Auto dialer, on the other hand, can expect the recipient wait for the phone to be connected to an agent. So the transfer does not have to be immediate and thus possible to transfer calls to a cell phone. This allows agents not to sit in front of computer in order to answer the call.

Normally, auto dialer plays a pre-recorded audio message after a recipient says hello. However, Voicent predictive dialer can do the same. The only difference is that in predictive dialing mode, the call connection is automatic after the audio message is played.

The main difference is that auto dialer automatically dials the number, detect live answer or machine answer, plays your message automatically. An preview dialer or progress dialer automatically dials the number, that's it.
These laws mostly apply to telemarketers, especially when calling consumers. We are not expert in this area. You should consult your local attorney for more information. The two main federal government agencies that enforce federal Autodialer Law are the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Different states may also have their own state laws regarding autodialer. Telemarketers restricted by the law should take a look at our preview dialer and progress dialer solution.

Auto Dialer FAQ : Specific to Buy-to-Own Software

Voicent auto dialer uses VoIP to make calls through your computer. It uses your phone lines to make calls, so your computer resembles a telephone--a very powerful one.

For corporation or government with a PBX system, Voicent auto dialer connects to your phone system through its IP extensions. Calls are made through your PBX system.

All you need is a computer with internet connections. Most of today's desktop or laptop computer should be more than enough to handle most common usage. For call center that needs hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calls, please contact our sales for details system spec.
Pricing depends on the number of phone lines and agents you want. 1 phone line means you can make 1 call at a time. 2 phone lines mean you can make 2 calls at the same exact time. 1000 phone lines mean you can make 1000 calls at the same time, as though you had 1000 people in your office calling all at once. Please check the autodialer pricing page for more details.

You can download the software and give it a try first. Or simply purchase the software (we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee).

To use it, simply import your call list, set your audio message, and click start.

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