Automated Phone Surveys

Design multi-level surveys with automatic response handling and collection. With outbound dialing, you can use a list of contacts to send your survey to. Or, have your respondents call in to take a survey. Integrate with your CRM, use your own phone service, analyze results, and see statistics of what your respondents reply and levels they reach during your survey campaign.

Voicent phone surveys can be personalized and customized for any of your needs. It is great for telephone polling, customer satisfaction surveys, census surveys, research, and data collection.

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Outbound and Inbound Automated Phone Surveys
Inbound Surveys
  1. Create your survey with text to speech or audio files
  2. Use your own Caller ID
  3. Automatically collect responses from inbound callers
Outbound Surveys
  1. Import your contact list
  2. Create your survey with text to speech or audio files
  3. Deploy your survey and get real-time results
Advantages of Using Voicent
Hosted Or Buy-to-Own

Use our cloud solution and start your survey in minutes. Or choose to purchase our on premise software and utilize your own phone service.

Text to speech

Have a computer generated voice to dynamically speak the respondent's name with text to speech, to further personalize your surveys and increase response rates.

Real-time results & other features

Don't wait to see your results when they are finished. Watch your survey get answered in real time and monitor responses as they come flying in.

CRM database integration

You can upload/import a contact list or input phone numbers directly, or you can integrate with your CRM using Voicent's On Premise solution.


"A great DIY telephone survey tool"
      Orlyn, GreenLawn & Landscape | For: Satisfaction Surveys

"I was given the task to survey the seniors at Senior Life Circle for their happiness and satisfaction level. The software went round and round until all 500 seniors replied to the survey. Very impressed by this solution and absolutely recommend it."
      Dominic, Senior Life Circle | For: Satisfaction Surveys

"As a software programmer, I love Voicent's interactive telephone survey tools and the APIs. We integrated the APIs with our website to offer surveys to our clients. It works great!"
      Emerson, On-Duty Data Center | For: Political Polling

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