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For more than 10 years, thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies in over 50 countries have leveraged Voicent's all-in-one communication software to engage with millions, effortlessly.

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Voicent Customer reviews

SPI Global makes over a million calls a month

with Voicent Auto Dialer

“We make over a million calls a month using Voicent's Auto Dialing system. In order to make those calls as efficiently as possible, we needed a software solution to distinguish between live calls and calls that no one picks up.

Voicent provided great support by analyzing calls and by using their Auto Dialer software in conjunction with their Call Center Manager software they were able to solve our problems very quickly. Additionally, Voicent developers customized the CRM software to suit our specific needs.

What we liked about their CRM is that it fully and automatically integrates with their Auto Dialer software. They also designed some IVR applications to work with our system.

Whenever we ran into an issue Voicent provided very fast emergency support and quickly resolved the issues we had. I highly recommend Voicent for their great support. They worked with us as long as we needed them to and provided the customized solutions we needed.” - Erlyn delos Santos

Voicent customer reviews

Pecan Grove Solutions automates its Invoicing Department

with Voicent IVR Studio

“Voicent is a dynamite program!

We currently use Voicent IVR system to update our CRM program(SugarCRM) as well as e-mail our parts department when a Tech needs parts and our invoicing department when a Tech has completed the on-site work.

I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive Voicent IVR software is to use. I was able to build a ten level, multi-selection menu system for my Field Service Technicians to update their Work Orders in very little time.

The development process was smooth, and I was able to go from development to full production in less than 12 hours time!

Outstanding! I have already recommended Voicent product to my VOIP provider and software development company looking to expand their business offerings, as well as developers researching IVR solutions for their companies.

I will continue to recommend Voicent software, as it does its job extremely well, at a price point even a small company can handle.” - Charles E Teel

Voicent customer reviews

Craig Jones ran for Mayor and won

with Voicent Auto Dialer

“The Voicent automatic dialing program was an effective boost to my City Council campaign. It complimented my direct mail and personal contact in a very cost- and time-effective manner.

We estimate that my calls reached virtually 100% of the homes in our town, and provided a personal touch. It was great knowing that all our residents heard from me personally.

It would have taken us hundreds of hours to call every member of our community. BroadcastByPhone was a great product that helped us in many ways. This is the product to use for anyone running for public office, wishing to contact their customers, or even calling for school phone trees!”

Voicent customer reviews

Sunrise Toyota automates over 100 appointments a day.

with Voicent Appointment Reminder

“I work for a very busy auto dealership in Long Island, NY. On an average day we service upwards of 100 to 150 cars a day. Each day I have to confirm the appointments that are coming in for the following day. It would take me hours and was extremely monotonous and painstaking. I couldn’t get anything else done because I was on the phone all day.

One of my fellow employees came across Voicent’s website which offers several programs that confirm appointments. We downloaded the free version and tried it out. We were impressed and immediately purchased the software that best suited our needs. I can’t bear to part with it!

It takes just a few minutes to set everything up and it frees up the rest of my day. It’s so easy to use and when we had questions, the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This is such a great program to have! Thank you!” - Nicole P.

Our clients include small business, large enterprises, international call centers, hospitals, cities, federal US branches, doctors, churches, schools, and individuals. Scroll down to see how much our clients love Voicent.

Voicent customer reviews

Richard Baumgardt

Brooklyn, New York

“Broadcast by Phone **AWESOME** I have been working with different dialer systems over the past 10 years. I would have to say that Voicent by far is the best dialer system I have ever experienced. The broadcast by phone is one of the most powerful software systems I have ever seen. The press one campaigns work! I have different campaigns that allow me to record my voice and give the client motivating pitches that motivate them to press one and in return, turns into a sale.
Over that past two weeks I have had 3 transfers that all turned into deals. I speak highly of Voicent to all my other partners that own companies. I really appreciate your hard working developers. I am sure you are working hard to continue what your great company has already done.
I do appreciate the opportunity that Voicent has given to small and big business owners like myself. With out software like this it would be hard to do the line of work that we do.”

Voicent customer reviews



“Voicent is a great company, their software awesome! I have been a customer for a while, and their customer support and email support is second to none!
Their product is solid I never have any problems with bugs or glitches, I can say they put there time in their software product before they release it to the public! When I had questions concerning my downloads and upgrades they are on target they get back to you FAST, with detailed instructions step by step walk through on how to resolve any issue. They keep it simple for their customers, taking in consideration that we are not all tech experts !
I highly recommend their software to anyone that is looking for a solid platform for any type of call center application whether it be for the small business person with 1 or 2 people or a large operation , their applications are second to none !

Voicent customer reviews

Corey Held

Duke Investment Partner

“While shopping around for communication software I discovered Voicent and their product, Professional AutoDialer. I purchased it, it was delivered. I had it up and running within 20 minutes. Within the first three hours of operation it was bringing in valuable sales leads. This product [4-line professional auto-dialer] is affordable and works as well as four people sitting in my office working all day . I give Voicent's products and support five stars.”

Voicent customer reviews

Warren T.

Resale Power Group of Iowa

“Just want to tell you how great your software is. We recently upgraded and the reliability of this package is incredible! We use it to dispatch electric utility generation using a web portal, email, and your AutoReminder phone calls, and reliability is a must. It’s been working great.”

Voicent customer reviews

Joshua Bekhor

Insurance Broker, Los Angeles, California

“As a company, we have been using Voicent agent dialer for almost 4 years. We were introduced to the concept of automated dialing approximately 5 years ago. Initially, we use a company that was all based online. The benefit to using a online company is you didn't need very much computing power to utilize their service as everything was hosted on their end, the ugly downside using their service is you have to upload all of the contact information for prospects you were going to dial and therefore they had access to information which was not only valuable but the key to the success of your business. In addition, this online company charged approximately $100 per user per month or the equivalent of $1200 per year. With Voicent agent dialer the upfront cost is relatively more, but if one amortizes over a period of time understanding that the software continues to produce indefinitely, the long-term benefits in the long term savings are immeasurable.
I have recommended and I will continue to recommend Voicent to anyone in any business that requires at least 20 phone calls to prospects per day. The system allows you to call the prospect, the system allows you to leave voicemails automatically, and most importantly the system allows you to input status updates on the fly which you can export to multiple programs upon completion.”

Voicent customer reviews

Courtney Hoffman II

East St Louis Mayoral Candidate

“Auto Dialer works perfectly for political campaigns! I have been using Voicent Auto Dailer for the past 4 month for my Mayoral Race in the City of East St Louis, IL, This program has been amazing, it is easy to use and operate. Some of my favorite features of this program are the ability to import, export numbers, and cleaning of the calling list. This program allow you to see who has listen to you message to the end and if the call was answered by a person or answering machine. This is an amazing program which I would refer to any interested party.”

Voicent customer reviews

Rev. Wade Holbrook

Reverend, Northport Baptist Church

“Broadcast by phone is a system that is much more flexible than any other similar systems on the market. The individuals in Customer Service give that personal touch and strive to assist in any issues arising from installation and start-up.”

Voicent customer reviews

Graham Stevens

Dallas, Texas

“It's quite a piece of software; I do know that. Right now, other than using it for my own person reminders, I would use it to call all of our firefighters to remind them about our monthly Union meeting. Each month we hear a lot of 'Oh, I forgot' and this nifty piece of software would schedule a call to everybody one day as well as one week before the meeting.”

Voicent customer reviews

Ken Arnold

U.S. Congress

“Though a much lesser funded candidate, Voicent Technology's Broadcast By Phone technology allowed me to 'run with the big boys' in my Congressional campaign. With it, I was able to touch tens of thousands of voters at a mere fraction of the cost of mailing information to them.
Broadcast By Phone was a great tool in my Congressional Campaign. Not only was I able to call tens of thousands of voters at a fraction of the cost offered me by hosted calling vendors, but I was able to finely split the database into specific regions of the District and then send custom messages tailored to the local issues. I only regret I didn't use this great software sooner in the campaign!”

Voicent customer reviews

Alex P.

CEO, I Home Easy Credit, Denver, Colorado

“This company is Awesome! Our business runs so much smoother because of Voicent. Their product and pricing is well worth your time and money. If you own any business that uses any type of VOIP then I highly recommend Voicent and its software for your day to day running of your business. Great sales staff at a great competitive pricing that can't be beat. You have a customer for life!”

Voicent customer reviews

Dr. Dan,

Doctor in Bellevue, WA

“Voicent AutoReminder is very useful software for my clinic to reduce no shows and improve patient services. It also took very little effort to integrate AutoReminder with my billing software. Its multi-lingual text to speech feature also makes the reminder message very personal and able to serve non-English speaking patients in their native languages. A great product to save time and money!”

Voicent customer reviews

Andrew C. Jakubczak

Associate Director, UW-Madison School of Business Operations and Information Management Dept

“Voicent's focus on standards-based VoiceXML and Voicent's Gateway product offer a unique opportunity for students and faculty to learn and develop new and compelling XML web services. As a member of Voicent's growing developers network, we are confident our 'Building E-Commerce Systems with XML & Web Services' course will be enhanced by Voicent technology and add tremendous value to our students' education. In addition, we are very excited to use Voicent's BroadcastByPhone application to connect with alumni and sponsors of our academic program.”

Voicent customer reviews

Michael A. Brown

CEO, Brokers Resource, Inc.

“We have been using Voicent Agent Dialer for a few years and we are very happy with the product and customer service. The product works very well with our business application. Since the product is a one-time only purchase, it is cost-saving. Due to our increased usage of the product, we have upgraded Agent Dialer to more lines and increased our productivity. We highly recommend Agent Dialer predictive dialer for anyone who needs a cost-effective and productive telecommunications system.”

Voicent customer reviews

Patrick C.


“I ordered the Voicent Broadcast by Phone software because I was looking for a better way to prospect. After looking and testing 4 different autodialer software programs, simply put, NOTHING COMPARES TO VOICENT! This software is the most simple, easy to use software for my application. I actually spent 10 hours on another software program trying to get it to work and still could not get it to work and Voicent software took me all of 15 minutes to download, setup to what I wanted, copy and paste the phone numbers and setup my broadcast message and have it outbound calling. Unbelievable... I invested in the software and have already generated $3,000 to my door in a matter of only about 10 days! Thanks again, Love IT!”

Voicent customer reviews

Gerald P. Belsheim

Water co-op in Thiensville, WI

“I used BBP for the first time to inform co-op members about an upcoming annual meeting, and, judging by the relatively large turnout (compared to other years), the broadcast message was significantly successful in bringing more members to the meeting. In the future, there will be many other occasions to broadcast important messages to the co-op, some of which are required by the State of Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources.”

Voicent customer reviews

Adolfo Zuniga

University de La Rochelle, France

“As part of the IT major at La Rochelle University in France, we are currently evaluating several client / servers configurations; mainly those part of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Voicent’s Gateway is an excellent tool for us to look at the different parts of the architecture, as we can clearly see the role of Application Servers being attached to a Control System such as SIP Servers. Voicent IVR Studio allow us to play around the different resources of a VoiceXML Gateway such as TTS, prompts, DB consultation, etc. Combined with a AAA solution, Voicent Gateway can be packaged as a full suite and could be ready to be marketed. We are proud of our partnership with Voicent, which allows our students to become experts users of IMS.”

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