Communication Solutions For Large Enterprises

Power. Simplicity. Savings.

Exploit the power of VoIP technology to get more powerful communication systems while reducing costs significantly. Voicent's extraordinary combination of simplicity, flexibility, scalability and easy integration, gives large enterprises the ability to quickly and affordably solve communication challenges.

Choosing the right tools will save significant time and money

Need automated, easy-to-use tools to send voice, text or email messages to large numbers of people? Need to quickly equip remote offices or agents with dependable phone services integrated into existing systems?

Voicent offers tools to meet all of those challenges and many more. And, thanks to Voicent's simple buy-it-and-own-it-for-life licensing, there are no monthly, annual, or per-message costs or fees.

Reach Millions with a single click

By Phone, By Email, and By Text

If you are looking for tools to solve big communication problems, check out our broadcast suite, which enables sophisticated software messages by phone, email, even by text message!

Offer your customers the ability to get special alerts or confirmation mesages about sales, deliveries or special events. Let them choose from a selection of formats: email, phone or text message.

Use one of Voicent's BroadcastBy tools to send quick messages to customers asking if they're happy with your company.

Share important, valuable information with customers via an electronic newsletter, using Voicent's BroadcastByEmail product. There is no better way to deepen customer relationships.

auto dialer
Auto dialer with press 1 option

Auto Dialer

Our automated calling software will help you reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages and press 1 transfers. Learn More
Send mass text messages to multiple people at the same time and collect responses. Great for event notifications and more.

Bulk SMS

Send event notifications, reminders, and alerts to customers. Or, pair Bulk SMS with our IVR to easily create text message surveys. Learn More
Email marketing cheap and affordable hosted plans or own software with no per text fees

Email Marketing

Share valuable information via emails, use text or HTML formats, and automatically track open, bounced and unsubscribed emails. Learn More
IVR Platform

Easily integrate any tool

With the Point-and-Click Ease of IVR Studio

Investing in new telephony equipment is not only expensive, it is complex and disruptive to operations.

Voicent's software is designed to be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and are designed to work seamlessly with your existing setup.

From simple call-flow menus to incredibly powerful connections to web applications, CRM applications, ERP applications, and other tools, IVR Studio simplifies creation of interactive voice and SMS applications that are fully integration with your existing IT infrastructure and business process.

Based on internet standards, Voicent IVR Studio is extensible and allows integration with existing websites and custom-developed Java classes, which enables independent developers to use Voicent IVR Studio to meet unique business needs.

Use GUI point-and-click interface for standard call flow design, and use HTTP or programming API for deeper integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

IVR software for easy to build surveys, phone menus, professional greetings, and more

IVR Studio

Quickly build interactive phone applications that are fully integrated with your business. Learn More
CRM software to track customers and callers automatically

Voicent CRM

Automatic collection of customer call record and one-click integration into dialing tools. Learn More
Voicent voice XML SMS gateway

Voicent Gateway

Create interactive business applications with Voicent's VoiceXML and 2-way SMS development platform. Learn More
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Find out how we can help your business.

We understand that every organization has its own unique challenges and advantages. So we create breakthrough phone, mobile, email, social, text/sms, on-premise and cloud software geared to your industry and your organization's size to ensure that your communication is effective and effortless. Whether you're a one man army, city government, hospital, or international call center, our sales reps will help you find the perfect fit.