Asynchronous communication

Asynchronous communication

Asynchronous communication is a type of communication wherein it is not dependent with timing clock rate. Unlike synchronous communication wherein data is transmitted per given time frame, asynchronous is the complete opposite. It is not dependent with timing, so data can be transmitted at any given time. What is required in this type of communication is just the starting signal, and ending signal. Within those two signals, contains the data. At the recipient side, the data would be determined based on these two signals. In actual digital data transmission, these data are in binary form, in terms of 0s and 1s. But to make it simple, let put it this way. Let's say your message is "hello". For asynchronous transmission, it is accompanied with begin and end signals. Let's say your begin signal is # and your end signal is *. Then the data to be transmitted through would be #hello*. The decoder or let's say the interpreter device on the recipient side would receive the message and interpret your message. What the recipient would then see is the word "hello". The applications of asynchronous communication is unlimited. Some few applications are push-to-talk radio, inputs from computer keyboards, printers, voice calls, and emails.

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