Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability (LNP) is a system that enables end users to keep their telephone numbers when switching from one communications service provider to another. It is sometimes called number porting. When deregulation came to the telephone industry, many new service providers emerged, giving consumers a choice of services and prices. Prior to the introduction of LNP, changing service providers meant having to get a new telephone number. Number portability changed that, making it easy for consumers to freely select the communications service provider of their choice and retain the same telephone number. Still some downsides exist, some Companies may still NOT allow you to port the number, or charge you a contract breaking fee, to port the number away. One risk is that number might get ported in but you can't get it back out, at which point you're stuck. In country like USA, number porting is regulated by FCC regulation and managed by NPAC (Number Portabilty Administration Center).

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