Communication Solutions For Government Agencies

Deliver Excellent Public Service with Automation

Your offices are being asked to do more and more, with fewer and fewer resources, all the while improving, or at least maintaining, service quality levels. Voicent provides a wide range of easy-to-use, automated, communications solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies and organizations.

Automation is the key to achieving efficient and responsive public services

Voicent communications tools are widely used in government. For example, Voicent helps power FEMA's multi-location hurricane warning system in the gulf region, and is part of the emergency alert processes used by New York City's Public Transit system.

Voicent's software are affordable, requires no special hardware, and can be easily installed on a desktop computer, making it possible for even small government organizations to communicate to staff and citizens quickly, easily and inexpensively. For example, a Florida police department uses Voicent's BroadcastByPhone software to dramatically cut down on the posting of illegal signs by placing as many as 20 automatic calls per day reminding violators of the law and detailing their infractions.

Connect With The Public

By Phone, by Email, and by Text - With Just a Single Click

Customized telephone, email, even text messages, can be broadcast with just a single mouse click on a standard desktop or laptop computer. These messages can be friendly reminders of available services, notification of expected service disruptions, or announcements of special events.

What’s more, citizens or staff can respond back to phone calls or text messages to get or report additional information using simple keypad entries or through Voicent’s voice-recognition features.

Voicent's Multilingual Text-to-Speech plug-in can be used to personalize messages or even offer them in multiple languages, to help reach ESL speakers or non-English speakers.

auto dialer
Auto dialer with press 1 option

Auto Dialer

Our automated calling software will help you reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages and press 1 transfers. Learn More
Send mass text messages to multiple people at the same time and collect responses. Great for event notifications and more.

Bulk SMS

Send event notifications, reminders, and alerts to customers. Or, pair Bulk SMS with our IVR to easily create text message surveys. Learn More
Email marketing cheap and affordable hosted plans or own software with no per text fees

Email Marketing

Share valuable information via emails, use text or HTML formats, and automatically track open, bounced and unsubscribed emails. Learn More
Appointment Reminder

Take Control of Your Schedule

With Help From Voicent's Automatic Appointment Reminder

With Voicent's appointment scheduler and reminder software, the process of contacting people to remind them of appointments is completely automated. Our software places the calls, delivers the personalized messages in any language, and even allows confirmation with a single touch of the telephone's keypad.

Voicent's appointment scheduler software can be used not only within a particular office, but between remote offices, offering an easy but comprehensive method of sharing staff schedules.

IVR Platform

Manage Inbound Calls With IVR

Give Citizens the Information They Need - Automatically

Voicent's IVR Studio enables, with point-and-click ease, sophisticated management of your calls, including precise, automated routing and forwarding, music or information on hold, 24/7 information hotlines, automated answers for status inquires, text-to-speech prompts and responses, and much more.

From simple call-flow menus to incredibly powerful connections to web applications, CRM applications, and other tools, IVR Studio simplifies creation of inbound call applications that are fully integration with your existing IT infrastructure and government processes.

Appointment reminder software

Auto Reminder

Integrated appointment scheduler and automatic phone reminder with touch tone confirmation. Learn More
IVR software for easy to build surveys, phone menus, professional greetings, and more

IVR Studio

Quickly build interactive phone applications that are fully integrated with your business. Learn More
Use Virtual Receptionist and play music greetings on phone calls

Flex PBX

Affordable, feature-rich, telephone system with auto attendant and music onhold. Learn More
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