Communication Solutions For Political Campaigns

Win campaigns with powerful communication tools

When it comes to election campaigns, you need to build it fast and you need to build it well. Voicent's sophisticated, easy-to-use communication software lets you hit the ground running by providing pinpoint control of information and resources while allowing you to reach the greatest number of people possible.

New to VoIP? Download our Voicent Guide to VoIP for Political Campaigns

Reach More Voters, Volunteers and Donors

Our tools enable you to quickly build communication networks that keep volunteers informed, engaged and productive. When you need to reach a broad, far-flung audience of voters, Voicent provides automated but highly personal ways to get your ideas out.

Nothing demonstrates organizational quality like graceful, agile and sophisticated communication. Voicent gives you everything you need to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Get the Power of a Predictive Dialer

Energize your Phone Campaigns for a Bigger Impact

Voicent's AgentDialer, also used in large call centers, automatically dials calls and screens them for no-answers, busy signals and answering machines. , etc.

When an answering machine picks up, a recorded message is left or the call is skipped. When a live person answers, AgentDialer hands the call off to a volunteer and produces a pop-up screen for the volunteer, providing the dialed person's name and address. Imagine the boost in productivity you’ll get when volunteers aren’t spending most of their time dialing phones and listening to them ring!

What’s more, the virtual nature of the system means that your campaign volunteers can work from anywhere there's an internet connection.

predictive dialer

Campaign Broadcast Suite

For Broadcasting Voice, Text, And Email

Voicent's BroadcastByPhone software allows you to automate the campaign process by sending out pre-recorded campaign messages to everyone on your campaign list. The tools in Voicent's broadcast suite are completely automated message-delivery systems. Once started, there is no human intervention ever needed. The tools can automatically stop themselves once blocked evening hours are reached, and can even reschedule themselves to resume broadcasting the next day.

The BroadcastByPhone software can receive touch-tone responses, so voters interested in volunteering or donating can immediately notify your staff or request information.

The touch-tone response capability can also be used to opt-out of future phone campaigns or to request information by mail.

The BroadcastBySMS tool enables you to nearly instantaneously connect with volunteers and donors by sending them detailed, retrievable text messages to their cell phones.

Voicent IVR Studio enables you to fully integrate your communication tools, providing automated call forwarding, self-help information delivery, updating of campaign databases, and automatic emailing of newsletters, fact sheets and other information.

Close more deals with high quality prospects by using a predictive dialer with progressive, preview and manual dialing modes

Predictive Dialer

Automatically hands you and your agents calls answered by a live person; this software can skip or leave messages on answering machines. Learn More
Auto dialer with press 1 option

Auto Dialer

Our automated calling software will help you reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages and press 1 transfers. Learn More
Send mass text messages to multiple people at the same time and collect responses. Great for event notifications and more.

Bulk SMS

Send event notifications, reminders, and alerts to customers. Or, pair Bulk SMS with our IVR to easily create text message surveys. Learn More
Email marketing cheap and affordable hosted plans or own software with no per text fees

Email Marketing

Share valuable information via emails, use text or HTML formats, and automatically track open, bounced and unsubscribed emails. Learn More
IVR Platform

Manage Inbound Calls Effectively

Give voters and volunteers the information they need

Voicent's IVR Studio can automatically handle huge volumes of in-coming calls, effortlessly forwarding them or providing prompts that callers can use to get the information they need.

From simple call-flow menus to incredibly powerful connections to web applications and campaign databases, IVR Studio simplifies the creation of inbound voice, SMS and email applications that can be fully integrated into your campaign.

IVR software for easy to build surveys, phone menus, professional greetings, and more

IVR Studio

Quickly build interactive phone applications that are fully integrated with your business. Learn More
Use Virtual Receptionist and play music greetings on phone calls

Flex PBX

Affordable, feature-rich, telephone system with auto attendant and music onhold. Learn More
CRM software to track customers and callers automatically

Voicent Gateway

Create interactive business applications with Voicent's VoiceXML and 2-way SMS development platform. Learn More
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