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Targeted, flexible product packages available on-demand as alternative to hosted services

Mountain View, CA, May 1, 2013: Voicent Communications announced today that its targeted Call Center product suites are now available through an on-demand subscription service.

The subscription service is part of Voicent’s innovative, managed alternative to Call Center hosting.
Using Voicent’s managed approach to Call Center sourcing, customers enjoy higher security and more control over valuable data, while paying substantially less than the cost of hosting service fees.

The last advantage of Hosted over Managed call center sourcing—monthly service payments rather than upfront software purchases—is eliminated with Voicent’s new subscription service, which provides customers with full access to every Call Center tool needed, for a low monthly cost.

Earlier this year, Voicent packaged its powerful Call Center software tools into suites designed with particular business objectives in mind.

The Call Center suites include:


Auto Dialer Suite, designed for state-of-the-art automated telephone campaigns and automated Customer Relationship Management

Predictive Dialer Suite, designed for predominantly live-agent telephone campaigns and automated Customer Relationship Management

Inbound Call Center Suite, designed for sophisticated call management including Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, phone extensions, call forwarding, voicemail boxes, automated Customer Relationship Management, and much more

All in One Suite, providing automated telephone, email and text-messaging campaigns, predictive dialing tools and complete inbound and outbound call management.

All of Voicent’s Call Center suites include a central Call Center Manager enabling precise tracking, reporting and management of Call Center resources, campaign performance, agent performance and training, and much more.

Jerry Scharf, Voicent’s director of marketing, says the company’s entrance into the Software as a Service (SaaS) market exponentially increases Voicent’s value to customers both large and small.

“Voicent’s long-held advantage is its ease-of-use, excellent product integration and its buy-it-once, own-it-for-life licensing. That means Voicent is not only an easy tool to learn and use, it’s also remarkably flexible and affordable,” Scharf said.

“With our new subscription program, customers can, for a low monthly cost, avail themselves of the specific tools they need. As needs grow or diminish, customers can adjust their communication tools to precisely match their needs. And the best part is, they can skip some extra charges like time-based usage fee that hosting vendors charge,” he added.

With the subscription service, customers will never have to worry about software upgrades or patches frequently required by operating system security improvements. Subscribers will automatically get the benefits of new features and security improvements.

Unlike hosting service vendors, Voicent enables users to choose how and where their Call Center software will be installed, as well as which VoIP services they will use. That latter advantage alone can save Voicent users 50 percent or more on phone charges because they are not limited to a hosting vendor’s phone service.

Voicent’s subscription program offers a simple, straightforward monthly fee. All products that are included in the subscription package are Enterprise Edition, which means all product features are available to use without any additional charges. Voicent, users can take full advantage of the flexibility of VoIP technology to easily add or subtract lines or services, to take advantage of the most cost-efficient choices available.

Voicent users can choose to install and run their software on-site, or on competitively priced, leased cloud servers. Either way, users are able to keep more control and provide greater security for client information and data that otherwise would need to be handed to hosting vendors.

And, for customers who prefer the simplicity of hosted Call Center services, Voicent offers setup services in which all server leasing, software installation and configuration is performed. Once the system is up and running, it is handed to the customer.

To learn more about Voicent’s Call Center suite Subscription Service visit

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