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What is VOIP?

VOIP allows users to make telephone calls over the internet to other VOIP users free of charge and to landlines and cell phones for a minimal fee. Since calls are made over the internet, you no longer need a physical phone line. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocal.

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What is SIP?

SIP is a standard for VOIP. With SIP, you use a SIP softphone to make phone calls from your computer. A SIP softphone is simply a piece of SIP client software with a telephone-like user interface. Each line started by Voicent software acts as a SIP softphone. Once you setup and configure Voicent for SIP, you can use any Voicent program as if you are using regular telephone lines.

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SIP Termination

A VOIP service feature that allows you to call both local, long distance and international phones and cell phones directly from a SIP softphone (thus from Voicent).

 autodialers phone dialer systems automatic dialer automatic dialers

DID Number

Stands for Direct Inward Dialing Number. The number looks exactly the same as a regular phone number and it allows anyone to call your SIP softphone from a landline or mobile phone.

Test Your SIP Service With Voicent Software

Test Your VOIP Service or PBX System Using A Soft Phone

You can first try to test your VOIP service or PBX using a softphone. Download and install a free SIP softphone called X-Lite from the Internet. Setup the softphone according to your VOIP service provider's instructions. Normally it should have instructions for setting up a softphone. Once it is configured, make a few test calls.

If you cannot make a test call, please contact your VOIP service provider. Do not mention you need to use Voicent software, that normally will get them confused. Simply mention you want to use X-lite softphone to make phone call and you need help setting it up.

If you can use a softphone to call, you should be able to use Voicent software.