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How to Manage and Automate Campaigns with Workflow?

It normally takes multiple attempts or multiple campaigns to work on a single list. For example, many organizations and applications need call escalation, such as a call-till-confirm process by calling all available phone numbers of a contact until a touch tone key response is obtained.

Voicent's Process Automation Solution

This type of process automation is usually hard to implement because each organization's workflow is unique. A good solution must be customizable, powerful, and easy to use. In order to provide such a solution, a software platform must have date management, communications tools, and workflow engine - exactly what Voicent's integrated platform is capable of.

Campaign Series

It normally requires to run several campaigns on a single list to achieve desired goals. A Campaign Series is specifically designed to automate campaigns running on a single list. The following figure shows running an introduction email campaign first and then followed by 2 predictive dialer campaigns.