IVR Studio

IVR Studio: Features

IVR Studio Features

Easy Setup and Access

  • Easy point-and-click custom IVR system configuration
  • Works on any PC. No special hardware needed.
  • Remote Access to IVR application from any computer
  • Remote deployment for IVR applications

IVR Design

  • Easy to use drag and drop IVR builder tool
  • Multiple prompts in IVR menu design
  • Multiple paths in IVR system
  • Drag and Drop IVR GUI
  • Unlimited questions and menu levels

User Interaction

  • Supports touch tone/digit response
  • Supports speech command response
  • Built-in Automated Speech Recognition
  • Records user information into CRM automatically
  • Answer calls with different IVR application based on recognized caller ID info

Audio and TTS

  • Supports Multilingual Text to Speech (Voicent plugin)
  • Supports pre-recorded audio files
  • Supports combination of TTS and audio files
  • Supports audio playback and recording

Inbound IVR

  • Call transfer to remote computer that runs Voicent RemoteAgent software
  • Create call-in surveys
  • Create professional business phone systems
  • Music on hold
  • ACD Call Routing
  • Dial by Extension
  • Call Center Software integration

More IVR Features

  • Calendar integration
  • Easy to modify holidays and hours
  • Real-time and historical reports

Web, Email, CRM, Phone Connectivity

  • Website: can pull data from external web server
  • CRM: can pull data from external CRM and insert data
  • CRM: easy integration with CRM systems like SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, SalesforceCRM
  • Email: Built-in support for email server integration
  • Phone: Works with VOIP, PBX system with SIP extensions, and analog phone lines.
  • Allows HTTP requests to trigger application execution
  • Built-in support for HTTP protocol for website integration
  • Built-in support for Java programs and libraries
  • Built-in support for launching any external programs and getting back execution results


  • Password protected information
  • Connect to local database and web server
  • On premise software means your information remains private and local


  • Receive multiple calls at the same time
  • Make multiple calls at the same time
  • Scalable up to over 1000 phone lines/channels
  • 1 call per phone line/channel

Voice Mail and Call Queues

  • Call waiting queues with music on hold
  • Supports automatic call forwarding
  • Voice Mail to Email

Outbound IVR

  • Voicent Auto Dialer software integration
  • Voicent Appointment Reminder software integration
  • Voicent Bulk SMS/Texting software integration
  • Create dial out phone surveys
  • Deliver customized notifications and reminders