IVR Studio: Samples Library

IVR Studio - Samples Library

Voicent IVR Studio provides a rich set of samples in its design library. Many of these applications are complete designs and can be easily customized to meet the requirements of your business and organization. You can open these samples by selecting Library menu from the program main menu. The basic samples include:

Besides the simple applications, most other IVR applications require some degree of program integration. You can either use HTTP or Java for your program integration. The 24-Hour information hotline sample shows how to integrate an IVR system with a website; and the Voicemail to Email sample shows how to integrate Java for sending an email from an IVR system.

IVR Studio is fully integrated with Voicent Products, such as BroadcastByPhone Autodialer, BroadcastBySMS, Flex PBX, and AutoReminder. The following samples are outbound IVR applications for BroadcastByPhone.

Use Text-to-Speech

The prompts used in these samples are mostly text-to-speech items - the voice will be automatically generated by a text-to-speech engine. The default Text-to-Speech engine is a free one from Microsoft. You will need to have Voicent Text-to-Speech PlugIn to have the audio files generated correctly.

Try Sample Messages

You can try these sample applications as is. To deploy the application, select Deploy > Submit to Gateway... from the program main menu. If the menu item is grayed out, select Validate... first.

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