Call Center CRM Features

Call Center CRM: Activity Tracking

  • Track Daily Web Leads
    • Track Website Visitors
    • Generate Web Lead Capture Forms
    • Track Website Landing Pages
    • Track Download, Sign Ups, Subscribe
  • Track Daily Phone Leads
  • Record Daily Incoming Calls
  • Record Daily Outbound Calls
  • Track Texts
  • Track Emails
  • Track Multiple Landing Pages
  • Generate Historical Reports
  • Track Workflow, Progress, and Triggers
  • Record Daily Sales Amounts
  • Track Potential Deals and Amounts
  • Instant Leaderboard Update
  • Specify Time and Date Range
  • Visual Sales Activity Chart
  • Visual Leads Activity Chart
  • Top 5 Web Forms Daily Activity Chart
  • Daily Campaigns Activity Chart
  • Daily Workflow Activity Chart
  • Click to View Call Logs
  • Click to View List of Daily Sales
Call center CRM software
Call center CRM software