Call Center CRM Features

Call Center CRM: Potentials

  • Record Sales Pipeline Stage
  • Record Amount Closed
  • Automatic Revenue Calculation
  • Link to Organization
  • Link to Contact
  • Record Lead Source
  • Record Campaign Source
  • Record Closing Date
  • Track Start to Finish Date
  • Record Sales Conversion Duration
  • Assign to Agents
  • Manage Potentials with Point and Click
  • Import Potentials with Wizard
  • Import Custom Potential CRM Fields
  • Search Potentials
  • Save Advanced Search Filters
  • Save Potential Groups for Campaigns and organization
  • Schedule Follow Up Reminders for Agents
  • Upload Attachments, Quotes, and Other Documents
  • Sort by CRM Fields
  • Sales Pipeline Tracking
  • Sales Duration Tracking
  • Track Closed Deals across Industries
  • Track Closed Deals by Agent
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