Call Center CRM Features

Call Center CRM: Managing Contacts

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Custom Column Displays
  • Save Views
    • My Contacts
    • All Contacts
    • Updated Past 7 Days
    • Updated Past 30 Days
    • Sort By Assigned Agent
  • Add, Edit, Delete Contacts
  • Easy to Use CRM Import Wizard
    • Import any .csv file
    • Record imported file name for all contacts
    • Specify and save custom CRM fields during import
    • Pause, Cancel, Resume Import
  • Mass Update Search Group
  • Mass Delete Search Group
  • Advanced Search
  • Save Search Results
  • Save Search Filters
  • Create Contact Lists for Campaigns
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Search Custom Fields
  • Sort By Fields and Custom Fields
  • Save Groups for Campaign lists, Email lists, etc
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