Call Center CRM Features

Call Center CRM: Accelerate The Customer Journey

  • Customize and Automate Your Business Processes
  • Build Customer Journey Paths with Milestone
  • Unlimited Milestones
  • Trigger Multiple Actions
  • Specify Different Customer Journeys
  • Visual Progress Map
  • Define Milestones with Easy to Use Point and Click
  • Define Progress with Easy to Use Point and Click
  • Get Workflow Reports
  • Unlimited Milestones
  • Specify Customer Conditions for Trigger to act
  • Send Automatic Alerts to Agents
  • Reuse Milestones for Progress Definitions
  • Get Journey Reports
  • Email Drips Based on Customer Reaching Milestones
  • Get Daily Customer Milestone Summaries
  • Schedule Follow Up Calls for Agents Automatically when Milestones are Reached
  • Specify Customer Conditions
  • View Individual Customer Journey
  • See Milestone Durations and Timing for Individual Customer
  • See Average Milestone Durations and Average Conversion Times
  • Edit Workflow With Point and Click Ease
  • View Running Instances of Workflow
  • Suspend and Resume Workflow Triggers
  • View Individual Customer Journeys
  • View Customer Journey Paths
  • Manually Set Milestones for CRM Record
  • Mass Update Milestones for Search Results
  • Milestone Reached: Automatic Progress Detection
Call center CRM software
Call center CRM software
Call center CRM software