IVR Example Lesson 4. Send An Email Confirmation with Phone Call

If the caller successfully reserves an available room, the IVR application will send a confirmation email to the caller, confirming which room they have reserved.

Confirming Reservation

The DoReserve element will try to reserve the room. In the last step, we saved the status in theStatus. If theStatus='reserved', the room was successfully reserved. If theStatus='waitlisted', the caller will be notified if the room opens up.If theStatus is anything else, the room was not reserved. These should be the conditions to transition to the next three elements.

Confirm reservation

Sending the Email

In the Success element, will send out a confirmation email. Add a Send Email action. In the email, you can use variables. ${variableName} will be replaced with the value when the email is sent.

Send email with phone call

The email will look like:

Room Reserved: 254
Date: 20150405
Time: 0734

Make sure to specify the email server info. Click on the Email Server button at the bottom of the action window. Fill out the information for the email address you will use.

IVR email confirmation

Application So Far

To see the IVR application up until here, open room_reservation_step3.ivr in the package provided at the beginning of lesson 10.