Voicent CRM

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Track Contacts Without Lifting A Finger

Whenever a call is made, the contact information is immediately saved into the CRM.

Contact CRM Information is automatically tracked

Automatic Screen Popup

Whenever a live call is connected, a screen pops up on the Agent Dashboard with the caller's information from the CRM.

When someone calls in, a screen automatically pops up with the caller’s information, contact history, and notes about the caller. If the caller is new and is not yet in the CRM database, a new entry is automatically added to the CRM for the caller, with the date of the call and the caller’s phone number saved into the CRM.

Voicent CRM Record Interface and UI

Accelerate the Customer Journey

Track and assign contacts, potentials, and organizations to specific agents.

Contacts, Potentials, and Organizations: These three separate tabs are customer data records. Records can be easily created, edited, and viewed at any time. Potentials are leads whom agents can call to follow up or view prospective purchases. Organizations are companies or groups who contacts and potentials can be linked to. For example, if one organization has four different people calling you, these four people can be linked to the same company. You can categorize contacts as leads, customers, cold leads, warm leads, and custom fields for further information.

Assign contacts, potentials, and organizations to specific agents

Generate Reports

Reports are automatically generated with CRM data.

Reports are automatically generated based on CRM data. You can view sales made this month, sales per agent, leads per agent, calls made this month, and much more. Just click on the Reports tab to select which reports you want to see.

CRM reports by Voicent

Find Any Customer

Search or do an advanced search to find what you want.

You can search for contacts, potentials, and organizations through the search option. If you know a specific name, number, email, or any other defining keyword for a CRM record, you can do an advanced search by clicking on Advanced Search. Here you can specify the information you know about a customer to find them quickly and efficiently.

Find More Contacts with Voicent CRM

Import Contacts

Have existing CRM records? You can import them into Voicent CRM.

Importing: You can import .csv and .txt files with lists of contacts into the CRM so they will show up in Contacts, Potentials, or Organizations. With the Importing Wizard, you can specify which columns are what and whether to ignore the first row or not.

Import CRM contacts to Voicent CRM

Seamlessly Integrated

Voicent CRM is seamlessly integrated with other Voicent software

Voicent CRM works with all Voicent software, so you won't have to do costly integration with other CRMs. You can also import CRM records from other CRM systems into Voicent software.

Voicent's Fully Integrated CRM

Voicent CRM also integrates with SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, and Salesforce.