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What is a Predictive Dialer?

An automated phone dialer that connects only live answers to agents. The dialer usually makes calls on multiple lines and either skips answering machines or leaves a message. When a live person is detected, the software hands the call to you or an agent, then helpfully pops up an information window with information about the person.

What is a Power dialer or Speed Dialer?

A semi-automatic dialer that you operate by pressing keys, which dial numbers, play pre-recorded messages, transfer calls or record conversations.

Why Use A Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialing saves you incredible amounts of time. All dialing, listening to the phone ring, dealing with answering machines, disconnected lines, no-answers, etc., is done by the software. You or your agents only get involved if a live person answers. By using a predictive dialer, agents can better focus on phone conversations with customers.

What's different about Voicent's Agent Dialer predictive dialer?

Because it is software-based, our predictive dialer doesn't require expensive phone equipment or lines. Voicent's predictive dialer is easy to setup and use, is easily scalable to the size you need and can easily grow as you grow.

Can Voicent help with regulatory issues that arise with predictive dialers?

Yes, Voicent's Call Center Manager product provides automatic monitoring and management of the federal Telemarketing Sales Rules' limit on dropped and abandoned calls as well as eligibility for the TSR's "safe harbor" provision to avoid prosecution for occasional, inadvertent rule violations.

Tell me about Agent Dialer's Screen Popup

Predictive dialers normally connects the live answer call to an agent. Voicent's Agent Dialer predictive dialer software connects the call to an agent's computer. The agent uses a computer headset to talk.

As soon as a call is connected, a popup is displayed on the agent's screen. The window includes the caller's name and number and can be used to enter notes about the caller. In subsequent calls, those notes will be available to agents.

Predictive Dialer Overview

Voicent's easy-to-use Agent Dialer predictive dialer software dramatically increases productivity and improves campaign bottom-line by automatically dialing, skipping busy, no-answer and disconnected lines, optionally leaving a voice message on answering machines and--most importantly--never involving you or your agent on a call until a live person answers.

When a live person answers, the software pops up a convenient window on your computer, detailing the person's name and number.

Predictive dialing was invented to eliminate wasted time in telephone work.Typically, if a person manually dialed 1,000 phone numbers, fewer than 35 percent would be answered by a live person.

Without predictive dialers, agents spend about 80 percent of their time listening to the phone ring, waiting for a live pick up, dealing with invalid numbers or answering machines. Only about 20 percent of their time is spent actually generating sales and revenue.

Multiple Dialing Modes

Our Predictive Dialer supports Predictive, Semi-Automatic, Progressive, and Power Dialing.

Use Existing Phone Systems

Have an expensive PBX system you want to keep? Our dialer works with all existing phone systems.

Get Started Immediately

Import your CSV file and get a call list started within seconds. Give your agents the information they need when the call connects.

Integrated CRM's

Managing all your data can be tough, which is why we offer a fully integrated Voicent CRM, with support for Salesforce, ZohoCRM, and SugarCRM that offers you a "Complete Package".

Flexible Call Flows

Our dialer is highly customizable, allowing you to tweak every aspect of the dialer to fit your business flow.

Lightning Fast Detection

With our industry leading algorithm we can connect you to human pick-ups within seconds while handling answering machines so you don't have to.

Open Agent Licenses

Voicent features floating agent licenses, allowing one agent to log out and an entirely different agent to log in with the same license.

Alternate Phone System

Take advantage of having multiple numbers on file for one person. Our built-in alternate phone system allows you to leverage multiple phone numbers with an escalation system.

By using a predictive dialer to filter out unproductive calls, agents can better focus on phone conversations with customers, and leave the rest to the Agent Dialer.

Voicent has taken predictive dialing to the next level by implementing it through affordable, easy-to-use software.

Agent Dialer is as scalable and flexible as it is affordable. It requires no expensive telecom hardware or telephone lines - calls are made through the Internet directly by your computer. The only hardware requirement is your computer, plus a USB headset that allows you or your agent to talk to a live person through a computer.

The Agent Dialer system can even record conversations for quality control or training purposes.

Voicent's Agent Dialer software helps you increase productivity and improve campaign bottom-line. It can operate in predictive dialing mode and semi-automatic dialing mode.

This agent dialer software is great for

Call center outbound campaigns with many agents

Business marketing campaigns by a single user

Nonprofit fundraising campaigns

Political campaign phone bank to reach more voters

Call campaign to deliver consistently uniform marketing or sales messages by agents

Calling for debt collection, more information available here.

Key Features Of This Predictive Dialer Software

Easy to use - download and setup this predictive dialer in less than 20 minutes

Uses VoIP internet dialing services or your company's PBX system. No need for telephony hardware

Incredible scalability--can handle thousands of simultaneous calls on a single, ordinary computer

Includes Agent Dashboard -- a unified agent desktop software for call control and quick CRM access

In predictive dialing mode, connect with agent only when live person answers

In predictive dialing mode, automatically leave voice messages on answering machines or quickly skip them

In predictive dialing mode, automatically skips busy lines, no answer lines and disconnected lines

In predictive dialing mode, sends calling information to Agent's computer with screen pop

Agent can work anywhere as long as there is internet connection

Call report for campaign stats and agent activities

Record call by agent or force recording by campaign

Extensive interface for system integration (for developers)

Integrate with any Window based software like SQL database and SugarCRM,

Automatic monitoring and management of regulatory compliance for dropped-call rates (requires separate Call Center Manager product)

"Whisper Coaching" capabilities for fast and highly effective training of new agents (requires separate Call Center Manager product)

What do I need to use Agent Dialer?

A desktop or laptop computer with Windows 2000/2003/XP/2008/Vista/Windows 7 operating system.

A phone service: could be a VOIP/internet phone service, a PBX system with SIP extensions, or a traditional analog phone line (requires voice modem)

How To Use Predictive Dialing

In predictive dialing mode, only when a live person answers the call, the call is connected to an agent and on the agent's computer, a window pops up automatically with the recipient's information. The system automatically skips busy lines, no answer lines, and disconnected lines; The system either skips answering machines or leaves a voice message. The Agent Dialer system can also record conversations for after-call reviews.

To start a predictive dialing:

Create or import a call list, just as you would create a simple spreadsheet file.

Have agents login to be ready to answer calls with live answers

Click the Start Predictive Dialing button. That's it!

How To Use Speed Dialing

In semi-automatic mode (force dialing, speed dialing), you can dial a phone number, play a pre-recorded audio message, transfer call to another agent, and record phone conversation, all by clicking a button.

To start a semi-automatic dialing:

Create or import a call list, just as you would create a simple spreadsheet file.

Click the Start Semi-Automatic Dialing button. That's it!

Next Step

It's absolutely free to download and try Voicent's Agent Dialer software. You don't need a credit card or even to supply an email address to try it.

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