Appointment Reminder

Easy to use, feature rich, Voicent's Auto Reminder eliminates no-shows and keeps clients on time. The recipient can confirm, reschedule, or be transferred instantly to your office by pressing a keypad.

How does it work?

Download the software and run it on your computer. All clients information is kept securely in-house. HIPPA compliant. The built-in scheduler will make calls, send emails, and send texts automatically at specified times for appointments.

What do I use it for?

This software is great for medical offices, governments, meeting reminders, event notifications, and hospital appointment systems.

More Features Without More Fees

Incredible Scalability

Whether you just want birthday reminders or you run a large hospital, our Appointment Reminder Solution will fulfill your needs.

Automatic Retries

When the software gets a busy line or no answer, the call can be automatically retried after a specified period of time.

Built-in Calendar

Import or enter appointments directly into the built-in calendar. You can also specify no-call hours, schedule reminders in advance and set up daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring reminders (great for birthdays!).

Press 1 Live Call Transfer

If your message recipients want to speak to someone right away, they can press a number or give a voice command to be transferred to an office phone for immediate attention

Smart Detection

Detect human pick up, answering machine, busy, no answer, and disconnected lines. You can play different messages for answering machines and live human pickup.

Smart Response

Play different messages for answering machines and live human pickup.

Customizable Keypad Options

Your recipients can press different buttons on their phone keypad to transfer, confirm, opt-out, replay, or leave a message.

Call Until Confirm

The dialer will call your recipients until one of them confirms with their keypad or a voice command. Also called Emergency Alert Escalation.

Built-in Message Designer

With Text-to-Speech, you can personalize your messages by greeting contacts by their name or other personal information. You can also record messages in your own voice.

Multilingual Text-to-Speech

Want to send messages in German, Spanish, or any other language? Our TTS plugin works with any 8 kH telephony speech engine.

Record Interactions

Information about your contact and whether the response was a voice mail, live pick up is automatically saved.

Personalize Messages

You can record audio files in your own voice or use Text-to-Speech to say the person's name when greeting them.

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