Voicent Email Marketing: BroadcastByEmail

BroadcastByEmail is ideal for opt-in email marketing, newsletter publishing, event management, customer communication and email notifications. With one click, send an unlimited number of personalized emails and automatically track if and when your mail is opened, handle bounced emails and manage un-subscribe requests. You can send both simple text emails, or color- and photograph-rich HTML email.

Own It No per call fees. No hidden charges. No subscription cost. Buy once and own it for life.

This email software is great for


Opt-in marketing campaigns, newsletters and other Customer Relationship Management and Lead Generation programs.


Volunteer management, debt reminders, delivery and service confirmations

Lead Generation

BroadcastByEmail works great for permission-based lead generation

Connect and Engage Leads

Generate More Leads with Voicent

Engaging Customers

Enhances customer relations and increases repeat business.

Saves Time and Energy

Automation of BroadcastByEmail saves time and labor costs.

Simple and Easy to Use

Simplicity enables you to use it without having to hire expensive technology experts.

Personalize Your Messages

Personalize messages with Voicent Text-to-Speech

Built-in Message Designer

With Text-to-Speech, you can personalize your messages by greeting contacts by their name or other personal information. You can also record messages to send out in your own voice.

Record Interactions

Information about your contact and whether the email was opened, thrown away, unsubscribed, or starred.

Personalize Messages

You can specify custom personalized parts to say the person's name when greeting them.

Easy as 123

1. Create or import an email list

2. Write an email and identify the custom, personalized parts, e.g., name, product or service name, etc.

3. Click "Send Now". That's it!

BroadcastByEmail will send the messages, identify any bounced emails (emails that were undeliverable for any reason), and process any requests to unsubscribe to your opt-in list. If you're sending HTML email and have a website, you will be able to see what percentage of your bulk emails were actually opened, or even if a particular email was opened by the recipient.