Store and Forward

Store and Forward

Store and Forward is a transmission method where a data transmission is sent from one device to a receiving device but first passes through a "message center". The message center is typically a server that is used by the message service to store the transmitted message only until the receiving device can be located, and it then forwards the transmission to the intended recipient and deletes the message from the server. Having the whole message allows the device to check for errors and discard an error frame or packet before forwarding it and wasting bandwidth on the next hop. In other words Store and Forward allow for routing over networks that are not accessible at all times. A common type of store-and-forward messaging is that used between mobile phones. For instance, messages crossing time zones can be forwarded during daytime at the receiving side, or messages can be forwarded at night when there is less traffic. Store and forward is mostly implemented in scenarios where the subscribing devices are geographically distant, lack direct connectivity and where the network is experiencing high error rates.

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