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Mountain View, CA, October 31, 2011--Voicent has announced its intention to withdraw support from its Release 7 software effective February 1, 2012.


Although Voicent's Release 7 software will continue to work after that date, it will no longer be eligible for discounted upgrades to Release 8 nor low-cost license transfers to new machines. Version 7 was originally released in July 2009. 


The company announced that, after February 1, 2012, it will no longer actively support its Release 7 software.  Users, however, will continue to be able to use on-line and in-product documentation, as well as Voicent's extensive on-line support knowledgebase.


Voicent will simply no longer be actively working to improve or enhance Release 7 or offer it for purchase.


The company is encouraging customers still using versions of Release 7 software to download the latest version of the Release (7.6.5), and make a back-up copy for future re-install purposes, as no versions of Release 7 will be available on Voicent's website after February 1, 2012.


Voicent is also strongly encouraging customers to upgrade to the most current version of Voicent software.


By upgrading, customers will:


  • Continue to receive free email support
  • Be eligible for product transfers to new computers (requires fee).
  • Get numerous product enhancements including a new text-messaging capability in
  • Be able to try Voicent's newest addition to its BroadcastBy suite: BroadcastBySMS, which allows automated, bulk sending of two-way SMS text messages with interactive capabilities.


Click here to learn more about Release 8.

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