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How to Setup an Inbound Call Center?

What is an inbound call center?

An inbound call center is a more advanced business phone system that normally include IVR (interactive voice response) application, advanced call routing, agent management, workflow automation, CRM integration, and agent productivity tools.

An Ready-Made inbound call center

Voicent's PBX features already cover most of the inbound call center features. With Agent Dashboard, Manager Dashboard, built-in CRM, and integrated workflow engine, you can setup your inbound call center with little effort. The following video is an example for setting up a quick inbound survey.

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Inbound Survey

Workflow Automation

A simple workflow is a task that carries out automatically based on some event in the system. Bacause Voicent is an integrated platform, you can design and implement your process automation easily.

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An Introduction

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Design a Simple Workflow

Setting Up an Answering Service

Please see How to setup an answering service?.

Advance IVR application

The IVR tool is an advanced developer tool. However, if your app only involves questions and answers, such as a phone survey, then it is pretty easy to use. Please take a look at the knowledge base article: Sample IVR Phone Survey.

For more advanced IVR app, please refer to the developer section.