On-Premise Software Setup Help

If you are using our cloud service, please skip this section and go directly to Cloud Help. There is no need to install the server software and configure your own phone service. Everything is set in the cloud service. Simply login and use it.

Please email support @ voicent.com for any questions. We also offer full system setup and training service.

General System Requirements

To run the on-premise software, you need the following:

  • A Windows computer
  • A reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth
  • A telephone service
  • The software works with almost all online VOIP services, SIP trunk services, and many PBX systems

You can set up the computer:

  • at home or in a small office (for small systems with less than 10 lines/concurrent calls)
  • in a corporate IT environment
  • from a cloud computing service (such as an EC2 instance from Amazon's AWS)
  • from a web/server hosting company (such as a dedicated server computer)

Set Up the Software

The steps below use CallCentric as the phone service. Setting up other services is similar and the details can be found in the Set Up Various Phone Services section.

Scale Up the System

The software is capable of running a few hundred, even thousands of concurrent calls. When scaling up the system, more computing resources and internet bandwidth are needed. In addition, your phone service must be able to handle the same number of (or more) concurrent calls.