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What is Skype Connect

Skype has a SIP based service called Skype Connect, which is specifically designed for business users. The regular Skype users must use Skype software (Skype soft phone) to make calls; Skype Connect can be used with any other SIP based system. Though Voicent software supports both, Skype Connect is recommended.


autodialers phone dialer systems automatic dialer automatic dialers

Skype Dialer

Voicent auto dialer and predictive dialer can utilize Skype service to make phone calls to regular phone numbers.

Setup Voicent To Use Skype Soft Phone

Use Skype Soft Phone

If you make more than 50 outbound calls daily, need simultaneous calls, or use Windows 7, you CANNOT use Skype Soft phone for Voicent software. Instead, you must use Skype Connect service.


If the above limitations do not apply to you, then you can setup Voicent software to use Skype soft phone for making and receiving phone calls. The following are the basic steps:

Configure Voicent Software To Use Skype Soft Phone

Sign up a for a Unlimited US & Canada Skype Account

Download and install Skype Soft Phone release 3.8. Please note it does not work on Windows 7. You must use Skype Connect if you have Windows 7.

Configure Voicent Gateway to Use Skype Soft Phone
Select Setup > Options > Skype from Voicent Gateway main menu

There are two modes you can start Skype with Voicent.

1. Manual Mode

Start Skype programs manually and have Voicent connect to them. To connect to running Skype instances, click on the Stop/Start button to restart the gateway.

2. Auto Mode

Click the Add button to specify the Windows user account to run Skype. If you need to run multiple lines, you must specify multiple user accounts.

Video: Use Skype Soft Phone with Voicent

Voicent Voicent Software With Skype Soft Phone

You can use either Skype user name or regular telephone number when making outbound calls. If you want to use Skype user name, please prefix it with skype:, such as skype:echo123.

For regular Skype number, you need to include the country code. For example, you need to enter 1-408-725-7578 in the spreadsheet, where 1 is the country code for US and Canada. However, you could have Voicent automatically add 1 to a 10 digit number by setting dialing rules from Voicent Gateway (Setup > Options > Outbound >Dialing Rule).

More About Skype

SkypeOut SkypeOutallows you to call both local, long distance and international phones and cell phones directly from Skype (thus from Voicent). You can choose a monthly plan or per minute plan. The monthly subscription is $2.95 for 10,000 minutes1 on calls in the US and Canada.

SkypeIn Anyone can dial your SkypeIn numberfrom a landline or mobile phone. A Skype in number looks exactly the same as a regular phone number. In addition, if you have a SkypeIn number, you can set it up as your caller ID display. You can also get Skype Voicemail

For more information, please see Skype FAQ.

1 . Please check Skype fair usage policy.