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  • Setup in less than 10 minutes
  • Works on any PC
  • Works with your own texting plan
  • Feature rich and yet easy to use
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SMS Deployment Features

Opt in, Opt out:

Automatically collect and process opt in and opt out text message responses

Automated Responses to Recipient Input:

Give different text messages based on recipient reply

Automatic retries:

If a text message does not get read or get answered, the software can automatically retry the phone number

Trigger A Follow Up Message:

Specify recipient responses that trigger an automated follow up message

Visual Response Collection:

Allows recipient to send response back and display response in the status column

Built In Calendar:

Send texts automatically at specified dates and times. Great for event notifications and alerts!

Send Personalized Texts:

With personalized text messages greeting users, you'll get more responses to your text message. Simply use CRM fields in your text message to create dynamic messages.

Automatically Process Replies:

Save replies into the built-in CRM to be viewed later

Scalability & Use

Multiple campaigns:

Run separate, simultaneous text sms campaigns at the same time

PC Friendly:

Works on any Windows based desktop or laptop computers.

Ease of Use:

Send bulk text messages with a single click


Easy-to-use Graphical User (GUI) Interface for IVR design

Multiple sim cards:

use multiple sim cards during campaigns to get your message out faster


Allows unlimited campaigns, contact lists, and phone numbers

User Interface:

Easy-to-use spreadsheet user interface for viewing responses


Works with your own text messaging plan (must be GSM-based carrier)


Voicent software comes with unlimited channel/line scalability so you can send thousands of messages at the same time


Deploy messages and SMS campaigns with a single click

Real-time Reports

Response Analytics:

Voicent's bulk sms software comes with instant reports and analytics

Instant Reports:

Results of text/SMS campaigns are generated instantly and automatically during the campaigns

Real Time Statistics:

View percentages and statistics of what your message recipients reply

Live Responses:

See responses live, and view responses as soon as they respond

Save Reports:

Save the automatically generated reports for later viewing and campaign analyzation

Time Stamp Reports:

Report real-time text message statuses with time stamps

CRM & Integration

CRM Integration:

You can integrate the Voicent solution with SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, and more

Contact List:

Comes with contact list import and export options

Email Integration:

Built-in support for email server integration

Contact List:

Contact list database sharing among computers

Communication Tools:

Fully integrated with Voicent predictive dialer, auto dialer, and IVR applications

Built In Support

Built-in support:

Built-in support for HTTP protocol for website integration

Built-in support:

Built-in support for relational database access and management

Built-in support:

Built-in support for launching any external programs and getting back execution results

Remote Access:

Remote access, works on the server computer or remote computer

Built-in support:

Built-in support for Java programs and libraries

Integration and Developer Features

Developer feature:

Voicent SMS text messaging software comes with a command line interface


Built-in support for email server integration

Message Customization:

Built-in Message Designer for message customization


IVR fully integrated with BroadcastBySMS for outbound IVR applications

Web Integration:

Built-in support for HTTP protocol for website integration


Fully integrated with Auto Reminder for outbound IVR applications