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Create and Manage List

Understand Customer List

A customer list is simply a group of customers that share some common features, such as a list of all California residents.

A list is a basic unit for operations, such as performing a mass update or mass delete and to run a campaign.

  • Imported List
  • When you import a list, all the customer records from the import file will share the same Lead Source. The default is usually the import file name.

  • Search List
  • When you search customers based on some criteria, such as a certain zip code, the result is a list of customers. You may save the search and use it in your campaign. Actually, an import list is just a special type of search list (all have the same lead source).

  • Campaign Result List
  • Campaign result can be saved as another list. For example, you can save all customers who expressed interest into a new list for another campaign.

Advanced Search

The following video shows how to use advanced search to create a list and then start a campaign.

For more information, please see How to define an advanced search in CRM