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Manage and motivate agents with Call Center Management Software

Voicent Call Center Manager software helps you monitor agent productivity, control call volume pacing, set dropped call rate thresholds, and view campaign statistics with a few simple clicks. Call Center Manager is available in Voicent Cloud service and our on-premise software package.

Call Center Solutions

Run Your Call Center with Call Center Manager

Call Center Manager is a core component of Voicent's call center solutions. When combined with IVR Studio or Predictive Dialer software, Call Center Manager gives you a fully functional call center.

Built in CRM in Predictive Dialer

Call Center Manager Software Features

Real Time Tracking and Historical Reports

Provides real-time and historical tracking and reporting of agent performance and availability, campaign performance and productivity, line and resource usage.

Automated Compliance with FTC Dropped Calls Rule

Enables automated compliance with U.S. Federal Trade Commission's Telemarketing Sales Rule on intentionally Abandoned or Dropped Calls. Don't risk penalties of up to $16,000 per incident!

Whisper Coaching and Call Monitoring

Speeds effective training and management of agents with easy call monitoring, call recording and "whisper coaching" feature allowing live-call coaching that is inaudible to customers.

ACD Rules Engine

Offers optional Rules Engine for fine, automated control of Call Distribution (ACD), message selection, caller ID designations, agent assignments and much more.

Integration With Call Center Tools

Works seamlessly with Voicent's Agent Dialer predictive dialer, BroadcastByPhone auto-dialer, Call Center CRM Customer Relationship Management, and IVR Studio Interactive Voice Response applications.

Call Volume Control

With advanced algorithms, Voicent's Call Center Software automatically adjusts the calling rate to match the specified call volume and to ensure that agents are available to answer live calls.

Monitor Everything From One Place

From the Call Center Manager dashboard, you can select agents to monitor and phone lines to monitor for call recording and whisper coaching.

Call Center Manager software
call center software call center agent activity monitor software that monitors your business activity
    Monitor Campaigns
  • Generate real-time & historical call volume reports
  • Automatically measures and adjusts the pace of outbound calls
  • Summary stats for line usage and campaign performance
  • Monitor Agents
  • Easy call monitoring and recording
  • Whisper coaching and training that is inaudible to customers
  • Monitor agent activity and availability
  • Meet FTC Requirements
  • Meets FTC "Safe Harbor" requirement
  • Set and enforce dropped-call rate threshold
  • Set and enforce abandoned-call rates with call pacing

Setup ACD with Call Center Rules Engine

Voicent's Call Center Rules Engine is an optional add-on tool for Call Center Manager. It enables you to easily control your Call Center for maximum efficiency and profitability.

With the Rules Engine you can:

  • Create and manage Automatic Call Distribution plans (ACD)
  • Match messages, Caller IDs, agents and campaigns for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Direct resource usage for maximum efficiency
  • Specify agents for specific callers and call types and much more

Voicent Call Center Software is easy to use, scalable, and affordable!   Features