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Predictive Dialer Software Demo

Using a predictive dialer can dramatically increase productivity by connecting agents only to live-answer calls. Voicent’s state-of-the-art predictive dialer goes far beyond traditional predictive dialers in four ways.

In the call control panel, agents can transfer or conference a call, record conversations, hold or park calls, and click to play audio files over the phone to answer repetitive questions. Voicent provides a built-in CRM that helps your agents close more sales. When a call connects, the caller's CRM record and campaign script automatically popup for the agent. The CRM popup screen shows all contact history, notes, sales potential, and even custom fields such as region and age.

Voicent provides a powerful Manager Dashboard for controlling campaigns and improving agent performance. Here, you can view real-time campaign results, monitor agent activity, set up drop rates to automatically speed up or slow down call volumes, listen in on calls, and whisper coach agents over the phone. From the Manager Dashboard, you can generate comprehensive campaign reports, detailed call reports, and agent sales performance reports.

CRM Advanced Search

In this video we’ll show you how to utilize the advanced search option in the CRM database.

Advanced search is a powerful feature to define your campaign list. For example, if you would like to call new leads in Nevada as well as California, you can go back to define a new search criteria. Select the advanced search, click edit, then click “add group”. Specify Home State to be Nevada, and specify create date is less than 30 days.

Technically, among search groups, the search conditions are joined by the logical “OR” operator, meaning a record is selected if either of the group conditions are met. Within a group, the search conditions are joined by the logical “AND” operator, meaning a record is selected if all the conditions are satisfied. In this example, a record is selected if it is in California and created less than 30 days, or in Nevada and created less than 30 days.

Setting Up Predictive Dialer Campaigns

In this video we’ll show you how to start a Predictive Dialer campaign.

Enter a campaign name then select your call list. You can either import a new list, select some pre-defined lists, or define a new list based on some CRM search results.

First we need to define a new agent. To do so, select Setup, Agent, Agent Profile, then click Add. For the agent login name, I’ll type “matt”. You need to define a password and agent role. We’ll create a manager account as well. Managers can monitor and track agent activity through Voicent’s Manager Dashboard. Click the Manager tab. You need to assign the agent account we created to the new manager account we added. It is also important to make sure your agent has a good quality, noise cancelling computer headset.

Now when a call is answered by a live human, the call will be connected to the agent. He should also see the screen popup of the customer’s CRM record. Optionally, a manager can login using Voicent’s Manager Dashboard, also known as Voicent’s Call Center manager software. Once you login, a manager can see real-time campaign updates, as well as monitor and whisper coach agents.

CRM Dashboard - Easy Audio Setup

In this video we’ll show you how to setup your headset properly with Voicent’s software.

To start, make sure you’re using a quality, noise cancelling headset. For example, a Plantronics headset or Logitech headset would be good. Normally, a fixed wire headset has better audio quality over the phone than a wireless headset.

If your voice over the phone is too low, go back to audio setup and adjust the microphone gain higher. If your voice over the phone has a lot of static and noise, then your microphone is too sensitive, adjust the microphone gain lower. Typically you don’t want to set this to 100%.

Setup Follow Up Calls

Voicent’s Agent Dashboard makes scheduling and managing sales follow ups easy and automatic.

To schedule a follow up phone call, simply click the plus button in the customer’s CRM record. Set the time and note, and click save.

In addition, when you first log in a summary screen will popup displaying all follow ups scheduled for today. Simply click the call now button to start the call. You can also click the link to view the customer’s CRM record before making the call.

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