Manage Employees and Perform Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Sometimes, the best feedback comes from the inside. Utilize your resource by sending employees phone surveys about their general satisfaction, loyalty, and opinions.

Automatically Manage Vacation Days and Sick Days

This automated telephone survey software will helps you manage employee sick days and vacation days. Have employees call a phone number to report their sick day, and automatically ask follow up questions about their situation.

Are Your Employees Satisfied?

Measure employee satisfaction and happiness levels with automated phone surveys. You can rerun surveys weekly, monthly, or yearly to track happiness and satisfaction trends.

Generate high quality leads with surveys
Have Your Employees' Voices Heard

Boost employee satisfaction by helping get their voices heard by take a phone survey. They can dial in to take a survey or you can send out surveys to your employees.

Collect Employee Information

Need your employees' email addresses, home addresses, marital statuses? Use automated phone surveys to easily and quickly collect this information, and set the campaign to stop only when you receive a specific number of responses.