Automated Phone Survey Audio Features

Upload Audio Files

Record your voice or use a professional voiceover audio file to ask questions and greet call recipients. It's been shown that messages that sound personal will boost your response rate.

Call to Record

With the Call to Record option, simply enter a phone number that you want to record from. Our system will call that number and the recipient can record his or her voice. The recording will automatically upload as an audio file.

Combine Your Voice with Text To Speech

Mix it up by adding text to speech to dynamically speak a person's name (or any other information in your CRM or customer database).

Use Text To Speech

To use text to speech, simply type what you want your message to say into the text box, and a computer generated voice will automatically read it out loud during the phone survey.

Speak Dynamic Text

Have text to speech dynamically speak a person's name, region, or response to a question during a live phone call. Using CRM info, your phone surveys will sound more personal and important.

Speak dynamic CRM info