Automated Phone Surveys: Detailed Call Reports

Call Disposition Reports for Surveys

Call Disposition

View the call disposition for each individual phone call, which will tell you whether the automated phone survey got a machine answer, live answer, busy line, or disconnected line.

Duration of Call

From the detailed call report, you can see the duration of each individual call. Our software can also record phone surveys for you.

Time Stamp

Each call gets recorded with its time stamp, so you can sort data based on the time the call recipient responded in the call report section.

Cost of Call

View the cost of each individual automated phone survey from the detailed call report. Some calls will only cost 1.5 cents (or nothing, if you're using on premise software), and other calls will be billed based on duration.

Quick Edit

See a customer that needs to quickly edited? Simply click on the customer's name in the detailed call repot and you'll be taken to the edit page for the customer.

Mass Update Contacts

In the detailed call report section, you can mass update contacts to set their category to "Already Contacted". This way, you won't have to manually remember who already got a phone survey.

Narrow Down Contact List

Create new contact lists with the contacts whose calls went a machine or a busy line. Or, create a new contact group from the contacts who answered and chose to speak directly to an agent (great for multiple rounds of fundraising!).

Number of Retries

You can view the number of retries an automated phone survey took to reach a live answer, or until the maximum amount of retries you set.