Automated Phone Surveys Inbound Calling

Route From Survey to Agents

Automatically route certain calls to you or to your agents based on certain responses from your survey participants.

Route From Agents to Survey

After an agent is finished with a call with customer, the call can be automatically transferred to an automated survey that asks the customer about their experience with your company.

Custom Caller ID

Use a custom Caller ID for people to call when you wnat to use a phone number that's easy to remember.

Unlimited Questions

Build inbound phone surveys with as many questions as you like, with as much branching as you want. Skip questions, route phone calls to your agents, and play professional greetings.

Available 24/7

Voicent's automated phone surveys will be working while you're sleeping. That means people can call in to take automated phone surveys whenever suits them best and you won't have to worry about losing responses.

What is Inbound Calling?

Inbound calling means people call a phone number to take an automated phone survey, which will automatically collect their responses and can record surveys to audio files.

Real Time Results

You'll get real time results whenever people call in and you can automatically display percentages and pie charts. It's a fun and engaging way to conduct polls during conferences.

Set Up Business Phone System

Get a 2 in 1 deal with Voicent's automated phone survey software. While you can create automated inbound phone surveys, you can also set up professional business phone systems that play music on hold, automatically route and transfer to specific agents and extensions, and offer menu options to callers.

Get Feedback

Offer a way for people to give you feedback by using automated inbound phone surveys. They can call in to leave their feedback and rating, plus answer a few questions you'd like to know.

No Survey Code Necessary

Your survey recipients won't have to spend time typing in or memorizing a survey code just to take your survey. Have them directly take your survey from the minute they dial.